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Template:Game Template:InfoWeapon358 Malice (マーシリス Māshirisu?, lit. "Merciless") is a pair of Ethereal Blades that can be wielded by Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is Xemnas's basic weapon, and therefore requires no Gears to be attached to him in order to wield it. In appearance, Malice is light gray, symbolizing that it is the most basic of all of Xemnas's weapons through the use of achromatic colors.


Malice has a shape resembling a blunt, slightly curved lightning bolt. It is a pale and extremely light blue, glowing a dim white light.


"Malice" is a desire or intention to harm or deprive in an illegal or immoral way, out of ill will or spite. Its Japanese name, "Merciless", means without mercy.


The ground combo for Malice consists of a slash from left to right, a spinning slash with both hands, and a second spin ending in a wide range, 360-degree slash with both hands. The final attack has knockback.

When striking enemies, it releases spheres of white lightning.

The aerial combo consists of a short range spinning slash, a double spin-slash, and a downward spinning slash with knockback.

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