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Magic Phantom
Magic Phantom
Magic Phantom
Magic Phantom
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Magic Phantom
Magic Phantom
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji マジックファントム
Romaji Majikkufantomu
French Spectre Magique
German Magic Phantom
Games Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
Trick Ghost
Location Lvl HP EXP Str Def
Radiant Garden 122 255
Weapon Fire Bliz. Thndr. Dark Other
x1.0 x0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
(5) Munny x 2
Remembrance Stone (10%), Serenity Stone (4%)



Magic Phantom (マジックファントム Majikkufantomu?) is a variation of the Trick Ghost Heartless and only appears in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


A Magic Phantom can be viewed right side-up or upside-down. Regardless of which half of the Heartless is on top, it has long, violet arms with three short, yellow fingers on each one. Its body is predominantly violet which fades into some pink sections, and it has four yellow eyes—two for each face. Its mouth is jagged red on the inside, and has what seem to be stitches on its corners.

When right side-up, the Magic Phantom's mouth seems to be frowning, and its head is tipped with a long, curled antenna. This antenna is decorated by horizontal stripes of blue, yellow, and white. Its Heartless emblem is on the lower half of its body, between the eyes of the second face. When upside-down, the Magic Phantom seems to be smiling, its head sports two short spikes, and the antenna on the normal face is now a tail of sorts. It carries a lit, yellow candle in a white candle holder.

The former part of the Magic Phantom's name refers to the fact that the Heartless can only be defeated by magic-based attacks. The latter part of its name references its resemblance to a stereotypical ghost.


Magic Phantoms have the same abilities as their original, however quite stronger. What makes this Heartless notable, is that it is immune to physical damage while floating, and can only be defeated with magic, or magic-based attacks, such as Explosion, Magnet Splash, and Wisdom Shoot.

Alternatively, deflecting the Magic Phantom's attacks will also destroy it. While it is on the ground, magic will not affect it, but physical attacks will.

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