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Magic Haste is an ability in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. While enabled, executing magic takes less time which allows for faster magic combos. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the ability shortens the reload time for all magic commands installed in one's deck and can be Multi-installed for even quicker reloading. You can learn Magic Haste up to 5 times in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

Learning Magic Haste

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Magic Haste is an action type ability exclusive to Sora's Wisdom Form, and is learned by default.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

  • Magic Haste can be attached to a type A, type E, type H, type I, type M, or type P Command recipe through Command Melding, either randomly or by applying a Fleeting Crystal.
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