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Magic Carpet
Kana/Kanji まほうのじゅうたん
Rōmaji Mahou no Juutan
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts II
World(s) Agrabah
Kingdom Hearts II tracks
Main theme - Arabian Dream
Arabian Dream -KH2-
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Instrumental Sections: Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Keyboard

The Magic Carpet (まほうのじゅうたん Mahou no Juutan?) mini-game is one of the side activities found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It can be accessed after completing the second visit to Agrabah; touching the switch in the Ruined Chamber starts the game.

This game reenacts Sora's escape via Carpet from the crumbling ruins in the desert after the party is tricked by Jafar. The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible.


At Jafar's instruction, Iago leads Sora and Aladdin on a wild goose chase to the desert. It is only after fighting their way to the center pillar of this area that Iago reveals that his directions were a ruse designed to allow Jafar time to attack the palace without interference. The area begins to crumble around them, but luckily Carpet is on hand to help them escape. Carpet flies them over the desert and to safety, with Sora battling Heartless along the way.

Jiminy's Objective

Scoring 65 points is required to satisfy Jiminy's Journal, meaning that this seemingly simple task is, in fact, one of the hardest in the entire game. While not required to beat Kingdom Hearts II, completing the goal for Jiminy's Journal is required in Standard Mode to unlock the secret video.


The goal of this game is to defeat as many enemies as possible. Falling debris adds a layer of difficulty, as it can cause damage. Dodge carefully.

Larger enemies like Fortunetellers and Crimson Jazzes can only be defeated with combo finishers, which makes the Negative Combo ability a valuable tactic. In addition, flying enemies can be hit into Fat Bandits on the ground below, scoring extra points.

Earning points is easier with the Fenrir Keyblade and its Negative Combo ability, but this may be a difficult tactic to utilize given that Fenrir is only earned once the player has defeated Sephiroth.


Magic Carpet - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
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