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Magic Cards appear in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories as a type of playing card which casts magic spells. They can be identified by their blue borders, which they share with Summon Cards.

The seven Magic Cards in the game represent the spells Sora learned in Kingdom Hearts, and are used in much the same manner; though each spell can be upgraded to more powerful levels as in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, in this case by stocking multiples of that spell card.

They can also be used in various combinations with other Magic Cards, as well as Attack, Summon, Item, and Friend Cards to perform completely different spells unavailable in the other games. Many of these new combinations are Kingdom Hearts versions of traditional spells from the Final Fantasy series, such as "Tornado" or "Quake".

Magic Cards are only available in Sora's Tale, though several bosses use their own versions of the cards which depict their faces instead of a specific spell. Sora can also use two special Magic Cards during the Bumble-Rumble mini-game.

List of Magic Cards

Card Name Location Description
Fire (card)FireDefeat Axel on the 1st floor of Castle Oblivion.Magic that deals fire damage. Stock two cards for Fira and three cards for Firaga.
Blizzard (card)BlizzardAvailable from the beginning.Magic that deals ice damage. Stock two cards for Blizzara and three cards for Blizzaga.
Thunder (card)ThunderDefeat Larxene on the 6th floor of Castle Oblivion.Magic that deals lightning damage. Stock two cards for Thundara and three cards for Thundaga.
Cure (card)CureAvailable from the beginning.Magic that restores HP. Stock two cards for Cura and three cards for Curaga.
Gravity (card)GravityAgrabah BountyMagic that deals damage relative to the enemies' remaining HP. Stock two cards for Gravira and three cards for Graviga.
Stop (card)StopWonderland BountyMagic that halts enemy movement for a set time period. Stock two cards for Stopra and three cards for Stopga.
Aero (card)AeroDefeat Riku on the 7th floor of Castle Oblivion.Magic that blows away nearby enemies and inflicts damage. Stock two cards for Aerora and three cards for Aeroga.
Wind (card)WindBumble-RumbleBlows bees away.


Honey (card)HoneyBumble-RumbleRecovers Pooh's honey gauge.


Boss magic cards

Card Name Technique Description
Hades - M (card)HadesFira ShotShoots a quick fire bullet at the opponent.
Flamethrower (火炎放射
Emits jets of fire from the hands.
Captain Hook - M (card)Captain HookPresent Bomb (プレゼント爆弾
Purezento Bakudan
Tosses an exploding present at the opponent.
Vexen - M (card)VexenBlizzaraChill the opposition with powerful ice magic.
Lexaeus - M (card)LexaeusTomahawk ShotHurl the tomahawk at the opponent.
ChargeIncreases both attack and defense in a rage.
Zexion - M (card)ZexionMagnet SnatchSteals 3 cards of the opponent.
Marluxia - M (card)MarluxiaCircle RejectSlams a scythe into the ground, creating a circular shockwave.
Larxene - M (card)LarxeneThundaraShock the opposition with powerful lightning magic.
Ansem - M (card)AnsemGround-running Shockwave (地走り衝撃波
Jihashiri Shougekiha
Shoots a shockwave of dark energy at the opponent.

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