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This article is about the item. You may be looking for the ability from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories or the ability for Donald's Level 1 D-Link.

A Magic Boost

Magic Boost is an item that permanently boosts a character's Magic stat by 1 point. It can be found in chests throughout Kingdom Hearts II and can be created by synthesis. It is an S Rank item which can only be used in the Items Menu.

Materials Required

Besides being synthesized, Magic Boosts can be obtained by completing certain Moogle Lists:

  • Obtain 40 synthesis material types
  • Obtain all Serenity materials

In order to synthesize, the Skill Recipe must have been found and an AP Boost created. Then, with the following materials, a Magic Boost can be made:

Treasure Chests


  • After stepping through the door to the final battle in Kingdom Hearts II, all Magic/Strength boosts are negated.[citation needed]
  • Sora's max Magic in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix is 154. This can be raised to 173 with Shadow Archives and Winner's Proof, and to 178 by using a Drive Form.

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