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Madman's Vita (賢人の異聞録 Kenjin no Ibunroku?, lit. "Sage's Account") is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Madman's Vita+.


The Madman's Vita Lexicon has a vaguely rectangular shape with a small, triangular spike on the top and bottom of the spine. There is a pale yellow "X" shaped like the top half of the Nobody symbol on the spine, superimposed over a grey diamond with a light grey outline. The rest of the Lexicon is black with a thin, light grey border. The most distinctive feature of this Lexicon is that the shape of each cover's far edge sports three large spikes that bear a striking resemblance to those on Sora's crown necklace.

A "madman" is a mentally unstable or insane person. "Vita" refers to curriculum vitae, a written account of a person's education experience. A sage is a wise man. An "account" is an explanation or a report.


Madman Vita's ground combo consists of two spinning horizontal slashes, followed by a spear-illusion spinning twice counterclockwise above Zexion's head.

When Madman Vita contacts an enemy, green and yellow star bursts appear along with smaller yellow semicircles.

Madman Vita's aerial combo is simple, consisting only of a downward vertical slash, an upward vertical slash, and a final forward spinning throw.

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