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The Mad Safflower is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Mad Safflower+ and the Mad Safflower++.


The Mad Safflower has a curved handle that is white toward the bottom and red toward the top. There is a small, black section near the handle’s base, and its pommel is flat and gold. The blade is comprised by a large cross with wide, rounded tips. The tip of the arm of the cross that makes up the blade is decorated by a pink diamond surrounded by a large, black oval. Each of the other three tips is decorated by a pink teardrop shape surrounded by a thin, black outline. The edges of the Scythe’s blade are predominantly pale gold, with the exception of the edges of the tips, which are light pink. The middle of the shaft has a large, diamond-shaped gap in it, and a black "Y"-shaped piece of metal extending through this gap from the back arm of the cross.

A "safflower" is a species of flower similar to thistles. "Mad" can refer either to the state of being angry or the state of being insane.


Marluxia begins his ground combo with Mad Safflower by making a quick slash up and to the side bringing Marluxia slightly above the ground. Marluxia then continues the combo by tossing his Scythe into the air and letting it flip backward 360, if the combo is not continued Marluxia will finish with a quick 360 slash, however if you continue the combo he will toss his Scythe in the air for a second time before following through with the 360 slash. Marluxia begins his aerial combo by bringing his right arm to his left side then swinging towards the right. He then brings his swing back towards the left which brings him closer to the ground. Depending on how high you jump he may have time for one more of these swings before landing on the ground and finishing the combo.

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