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The Mad Rider is a type of Nobody Ship that appears in the Ancient Highway and Broken Highway Gummi Missions in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. They can be found racing along the track beneath the Gummi Ship. They don't attack, and are among the weakest of the Nobody Ships. There are no alternate colored versions of this Nobody Ship.


A Mad Rider has a white body with a short spike on its back end and three black vents on its front. The Nobody emblem is displayed on a red diamond on top of its main body. A blue rod and two white pieces with red highlights attach a black wheel to the rear of the Nobody's body. Two similar rods that sprout from either side of the Mad Rider's body attach to large, curved, red "arms" lined by spikes.

The Mad Rider's name references the speed of which the ship races around the Highway tracks.

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