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Météore is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Météore+.


A Météore Knife's large blade is shaped like a four-pointed star. There are four yellow diamonds on the blade, one set in each of the star's points. The blade itself is silver, though the tips of the star's points are red; the two colors blend into each other. The pommel is shaped like a much smaller four-pointed star with a small, diamond-shaped hole in the center. The pommel is red and, like with the blade, blends into the silver handle.


The Météore Knives give Larxene complex combos with a relatively short range. For the ground combo, Larxene thrusts herself forward while also performing a small upward swipe. The second attack is a small, complete-circle spin with her Knives. For the third attack, Larxene hops slightly into the air, and then spins vertically with her Knives in a circle. Larxene then ends the ground combo with two strikes close to the ground.

The aerial combo is composed of just one attack; Larxene rolls with her Knives in midair, then does a small slash downward. Pressing A a second time during this attack adds about one more roll to this attack before the end. When Larxene attacks enemies, the slash marks are pink and white; a combo finisher creates an "X"-like shape on the ground, similar to Roxas's pendant. The Météore+ Knives share all of these combos, attacks, and qualities with the Météore Knives.

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