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The Lump of Horror is an Unversed found in Kingdom Hearts III, fought exclusively as the final boss of Monstropolis.

Design: It is mainly a giant blob of black tar with machine parts on top of the head and scream cans sticking out of its body, with red eyes expressing sadness. It's winged form is a tall column of tar, only showing more of its face and has large wings.

Strategy: One of its attacks is when it will become enraged and will charge Sora and his friends, afterwards it will release one or three balls of fire. Another attack shows the Lump of Horror sink slightly into the ground and extending its hands, creating more hands that will swipe Sora. The last attack it will sink completely into the ground and come back out in its winged form; where it will flap its wings and tries to push Sora away from it, more hands help during this mode.


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