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Lumineuse is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Lumineuse+.


A Lumineuse's blade is two-pronged and fans outward slightly. The blade is yellow at the tips and blue at the base, and the two colors blend together. The outer edges of the prongs are black. The handle is shaped like one of the spikes on the Nobody logo and is navy blue. It slightly resembles Saïx's weapon, the Werewolf.

The Lumineuse is a palette swap of the Eruption Knives.

"Lumineuse" is the French word for "light", referring to Larxene's ability to manipulate lightning.


Lumineuse's ground combo begins with a low, circular sweep, knives brandished. It is followed by an identical sweep, then finished with a vertical flip, knives pointed out. At all times during the combo, except for the finisher, the combo can be interrupted with a Y-Combo move in which Larxene jumps in the air and throws both sets of knives upon the target.

The aerial combo begins with one simple swipe upward, followed by a swipe down with both sets of knives. It finishes with a mid-air flip, arms wildly waving the two sets of knives about. A mid-air combo can be interrupted at all times, save for the finisher, with a Y-Combo move, in which Larxene tosses her knives down upon the target, identical to the Y-Combo available in the ground combo.

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