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The following is a complete list of synthesis materials needed for creating items through item synthesis in the Kingdom Hearts series. Each item is followed by its location, or the type of Heartless, Nobody, Unversed or Dream Eater that drops it upon defeat, as well as its drop rate in parenthesis. In Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts II, synthesis items are divided into four forms. In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the synthesis materials appear as Dream Pieces, and are divided into three tiers, with a few exceptions.[1]

In Kingdom Hearts II the synthesis items receive a ranking according to the material's form:

  • Rank C: Shard (かけら Kakera?)
  • Rank B: Stone (しずく Shizuku?, lit. "Droplets"), also dubbed as "Goo" in Kingdom Hearts
  • Rank A: Gem (魔石 Maseki?)
  • Rank S: Crystal (結晶 Kesshō?)


Elemental materials are represented by four different types of jewels in most games, and three in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. An Elemental Shard is represented as a small, hooked jewel. An Elemental Stone is represented by three jewels, one shaped like an uneven cube and two with a longer, oblong shape. Stones are absent from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. An Elemental Gem is represented by four jewels with facet cuts.

The topmost jewel is the largest, the two on the sides are both between the other two in size, and the lowest one is the smallest. An Elemental Crystal is represented by a large jewel shaped like a five-pointed star and three smaller jewels. One jewel with a facet cut is placed below the star-shaped jewel, and two shaped like diamonds are placed to either side of the star jewel.

Modifier materials are represented in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep by four different types of jewels. A Modifier Shard is represented by a smooth, vaguely triangular jewel with two large prongs on its top and two small, slightly curved spikes on its sides. A Modifier Stone is represented by a smooth, vaguely triangular jewel with three spikes on its top.

There is a curved, circular additive on the main jewel's lower right side that leaves a semi-circular gap between them. A similar, larger piece connects to the middle of the main jewel's left side and the smaller additive, again leaving a large gap. A Modifier Gem is represented by a smooth, vaguely triangular jewel with a short spike on its top. Two curved extensions connect to the sides of the main jewel and intersect near its base, leaving three large gaps. A Modifier Crystal is represented by a large, smooth, vaguely triangular jewel and has an intricate, curved design.

Mineral materials are represented in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days by a symbol comprised of a large, cube-shaped crystal with two smaller crystals of the same shape in each of the panel's bottom corners. They are typically named for various types of metal, both real and fictional.

Gem materials are represented by a dark blue panel adorned with a symbol that resembles an old single cut-gemstone.

Tech materials are represented by dark blue panels, each adorned with a different symbol. The symbol on a basic Tech is made up of two diamonds stacked on top of each other, with two short bars on either side of the lower diamond. The Tech + symbol is similar, but it includes one more bar on either side of the lower diamond, and all of the bars become slightly larger. On Tech ++ materials, two more bars are added to the sides, and all of them combine into two wing-like shapes. The symbols on the Tech panels are variations of the shape of the Illusion materials.

Kingdom Hearts

Name Enemy
Blaze Shard Red Nocturne (6%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Fire: 100%)
Blaze Stone (Blazing Stone in 1.5 ReMIX) (Final Mix Only) Chimera (Final Mix Only)
Blaze Gem Bandit (4%), Fat Bandit (8%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Fire: 10%/Fire Trio: 40%)
Frost Shard Blue Rhapsody (12%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Blizzard: 100%)
Frost Stone (Final Mix Only) Grand Ghost (Final Mix Only)
Frost Gem Sea Neon (4%), Sheltering Zone (8%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Blizzard: 10%/Blizzard Trio: 40%)
Thunder Shard Yellow Opera (8%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Thunder: 100%)
Thunder Stone (Lightning Stone in 1.5 ReMIX) (Final Mix Only) Black Ballade (Final Mix Only)
Thunder Gem Aquatank (8%), Screwdiver (4%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Thunder: 10%/Thunder Trio: 40%)
Lucid Shard Shadow (6%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Gravity: 100%) Gigant Shadow (Final Mix Only)
Lucid Gem Gargoyle (4%), Wight Knight (4%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Gravity: 10%/Gravity Trio: 40%)
Lucid Crystal Darkball (1%)
Power Shard Bouncywild (Banana peel - 24%/Defeated - 12%), Powerwild (Banana peel - 16%/Defeated - 8%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Stop: 100%)
Power Stone (Final Mix Only) Sniperwild (Final Mix Only)
Power Gem Air Pirate (4%), Battleship (Mast down - 16%/Defeated - 8%) Pirate (4%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Stop: 10%/Stop Trio: 40%)
Energy Stone (Final Mix Only) Stealth Soldier (35%) (Final Mix Only)
Power Crystal Wyvern (2%)
Spirit Shard Large Body (12%), Soldier (8%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Aero: 100%)
Spirit Stone (Fury Stone in 1.5 ReMIX) (Final Mix Only) Gigant Shadow (Final Mix Only)
Spirit Gem Air Soldier (4%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Aero: 10%/Aero Trio: 40%)
Bright Shard Green Requiem (10%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Cure: 100%)
Bright Gem Search Ghost (4%), White Mushroom (3rd spell - Cure: 10%/Cure Trio: 40%)
Bright Crystal Defender (2%)
Shiny Stone (Dazzling Stone in 1.5 ReMIX) (Final Mix Only) Jet Balloon (Final Mix Only)
Shiny Crystal Wizard (2%)
Mythril Shard Barrel Spider (1%), Behemoth (20%), Pot Spider (1%)
Mythril Angel Star (1%), Behemoth (20%)
Mythril Stone (Final Mix Only) Pot Scorpion (Final Mix Only)
Mystery Goo Rare Truffle (Juggle 10 - 10%/Juggles 50 - 40%/Juggle 100 - 100%), White Mushroom (10%/Trio - 20%), Black Fungus (Combo Fin. - 20%)
Mystery Power (Serenity Power 1.5 ReMIX) (Final Mix Only) Pink Agaricus (Final Mix Only) (40 hits - 10%/70 hits - 20%/100 hits - 100%)
Gale Angel Star (6%), Invisible (6%)
Gale Stone (Stormy Stone in 1.5 ReMIX) (Final Mix Only) Neoshadow (Final Mix Only)
Orichalcum Behemoth (Not Dropped in Final Mix) (20%), Invisible (Not Dropped in Final Mix) (1%) Obtained through chests, and can be purchased in the Item shop for 5000 Munny (Final Mix Only)
Dark Matter (Final Mix Only) Only obtained through chests, item synthesis, & prizes for mini-games

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Name Enemy
Blazing Shard Mega-Shadow, Scarlet Tango, Fire Plant, Possessor,Minute Bomb, Flare Note
Blazing Gem Shadow, Fire Plant, Sergeant, Flare Note
Blazing Crystal Scarlet Tango, Possessor
Frost Shard Skater Bomb, Bubble Beat, Large Armor, Icy Cube, Snowy Crystal, Ice Cannon, Avalanche
Frost Gem Blizzard Plant, Skater Bomb, Snowy Crystal, Ice Cannon, Avalanche
Frost Crystal Dire Plant, Bubble Beat, Icy Cube, Snowy Crystal
Lightning Shard Poison Plant, Bully Dog, Neoshadow, Jumbo Cannon, Hover Ghost, Lurk Lizard
Lightning Gem Loudmouth, Solid Armor, Hover Ghost, Dual Blade
Lightning Crystal Possessor, Hover Ghost, Blitz Spear
Gust Shard Striped Aria, Massive Possessor, Deserter, Air Battler
Gust Gem Mega-Shadow, Watcher, Invisible
Gust Crystal Air Battler,Wavecrest,Windstorm
Shining Shard Guardian, Deserter, Sergeant, Loudmouth, Bully Dog
Shining Gem Turquoise March, Destroyer, Tricky Monkey, Wavecrest
Shining Crystal Turquoise March, Tricky Monkey, Switch Launcher
Gear Component A Li'l Cannon, Morning Star
Gear Component B Grey Caprice, Detonator, Tricky Monkey, Tailbunker
Gear Component C Striped Aria, Dual Blade, Lurk Lizard, Tentaclaw
Gear Component D Loudmouth, Scorching Sphere
Combo Tech Mega-Shadow, Neoshadow, Zip Slasher
Combo Tech + Deserter, Sergeant, Novashadow
Combo Tech ++ Gigas Shadow, Storm Bomb, Soldier
Shield Tech Soldier, Barrier Master, Solid Armor
Shield Tech+ Deserter, Sergeant, Novashadow
Shield Tech++ Novashadow, Invisible
Rune Tech Sapphire Elegy
Rune Tech+ Sapphire Elegy
Rune Tech++ Sapphire Elegy Veil Lizard
Power Tech Large Armor, Snapper Dog, Heat Saber
Power Tech+ Artful Flyer
Power Tech++ Bad Dog
Aerial Tech Grey Caprice, Guardian, Aerial Master, Tailbunker
Aerial Tech+ Grey Caprice, Pink Concerto, Carrier Ghost
Aerial Tech++ Grey Caprice, Carrier Ghost
Range Tech Pink Concerto, Cymbal Monkey
Range Tech+ Mega-Shadow, Massive Possessor, Aerial Master
Range Tech++ Chill Ripper, Dusk
Luck Tech Striped Aria, Phantomtail
Iron Barrier Master, Bad Dog, Cymbal Monkey, Icy Cube, Veil Lizard
Bronze Striped Aria, Minute Bomb, Bad Dog
Dark Ingot Mega-Shadow, Commander
Silver Emerald Serenade, Cymbal Monkey
Gold Emerald Serenade, Ice Cannon, Orcus
Mithril Land Armor, Lurk Lizard
Ankharite Li'l Cannon, Jumbo Cannon
Orichalcum Solid Armor
Moonstone Shadow, Yellow Opera, Poison Plant, Guardian,Zip Slasher
Diamond Bully Dog, Aerial Master
Adamantite Poison Plant, Stalwart Blade
Premium Orb Sky Grappler, Dustflier

Kingdom Hearts II

Name Rank Enemy
Blazing Shard C Hammer Frame (10%), Minute Bomb (6%)
Blazing Stone B Cannon Gun (6%), Tornado Step (8%)
Blazing Gem A Fat Bandit (12%), Fiery Globe (4%)
Blazing Crystal S Crescendo (6%), Crimson Jazz (12%)
Frost Shard C Hook Bat (6%), Lance Soldier (10%)
Frost Stone B Aeroplane (8%), Hot Rod (12%)
Frost Gem A Fortuneteller (8%), Icy Cube (4%)
Frost Crystal S Living Bone (12%)
Lightning Shard C Bolt Tower (10%), Rapid Thruster (4%)
Lightning Stone B Driller Mole (6%), Emerald Blues (10%)
Lightning Gem A Armored Knight (12%), Surveillance Robot (8%)
Lightning Crystal S Devastator (4%), Strafer (6%)
Lucid Shard C Rabid Dog (6%), Trick Ghost (10%)
Lucid Stone B Graveyard (12%), Toy Soldier (12%), Wight Knight (8%)
Lucid Gem A Bookmaster (10%), Magnum Loader (8%)
Lucid Crystal S Neoshadow (8%)
Power Shard C Creeper Plant (8%), Large Body (12%)
Power Stone B Luna Bandit (8%), Silver Rock (6%)
Power Gem A Aerial Knocker (8%), Shaman (10%)
Power Crystal S Morning Star (12%)
Dark Shard C Shadow (4%), Soldier (8%)
Dark Stone B Assault Rider (12%), Nightwalker (10%)
Dark Gem A Gargoyle Knight (10%), Gargoyle Warrior (10%)
Dark Crystal S Air Pirate (8%)
Dense Shard C Creeper (8%), Dragoon (12%)
Dense Stone B Sniper (12%)
Dense Gem A Samurai (12%)
Dense Crystal S Berserker (12%)
Twilight Shard C Dusk (10%), Gambler (12%)
Twilight Stone B Dancer (12%)
Twilight Gem A Assassin (12%)
Twilight Crystal S Sorcerer(12%)
Mythril Shard C Only obtained through item synthesis and chests
Mythril Stone B Only obtained through item synthesis and chests
Mythril Gem A Only obtained through item synthesis and chests
Mythril Crystal S Only obtained through item synthesis and chests
Bright Shard C Bulky Vendor (Capsule Prize Reaction - 100%), Creeper Plant (4%), Hook Bat (3%), Minute Bomb (3%), Rabid Dog (3%), Soldier (4%)
Bright Stone B Bulky Vendor (Rare Capsule Reaction - 100%), Aeroplane (4%), Cannon Gun (3%), Driller Mole (4%), Luna Bandit (4%), Silver Rock (3%), Tornado Step (4%), Wight Knight (4%)
Bright Gem A Bulky Vendor (Limited Capsule Reaction - 100%), Aerial Knocker (4%), Magnum Loader (4%), Surveillance Robot (3%)
Bright Crystal S Bulky Vendor (Prime Capsule Reaction - 100%), Air Pirate (4%), Crescendo (3%), Neoshadow (4%), Strafer (4%)
Energy Shard C Bolt Tower (4%), Gargoyle Knight (4%), Gargoyle Warrior (4%), Nightwalker (4%)
Energy Stone B Hammer Frame (4%), Lance Soldier (4%), Trick Ghost (4%)
Energy Gem A Emerald Blues (4%), Fortuneteller (4%)
Energy Crystal S Bookmaster (4%), Shaman (4%)
Serenity Shard C Assault Rider (4%), Creeper (2%), Fat Bandit (4%), Graveyard (4%), Hot Rod (4%), Large Body (4%), Toy Soldier (4%)
Serenity Stone B Crimson Jazz (4%), Devastator (4%), Dusk (2%), Living Bone (4%), Morning Star (4%)
Serenity Gem A Dancer (4%), Dragoon (4%), Gambler (4%), Sniper (4%)
Serenity Crystal S Assassin (4%), Berserker (4%), Samurai (4%), Sorcerer (4%)

Bulky Vendor (Prime Capsule - 100%), Item synthesis (Final Mix)

Orichalcum A Bulky Vendor (Capsule Prize - 10%/Rare Capsule - 12%/Limited Capsule - 16%/Prime Capsule - 18%)
Orichalcum+ S Only found through chests and events.

Exclusive to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Name Rank Enemy
Remembrance Shard C Perplex (6%), Iron Hammer (10%) Silent Launcher (6%)
Remembrance Stone B Air Viking (6%), Magic Phantom (10%), Lance Warrior (10%), Necromancer (10%)
Remembrance Gem A Spring Metal (10%), Runemaster (10%), Mad Bumper (12%)
Remembrance Crystal S Reckless (12%), Cavern of Remembrance: Engine Chamber
Tranquil Shard C Mushroom XIII
Tranquil Stone B Mushroom XIII
Tranquil Gem A Mushroom XIII
Tranquil Crystal S Mushroom XIII
Manifest Illusion A Lingering Sentiment, Frontier Puzzle, Item synthesis, Cavern of Remembrance: Depths
Lost Illusion S Absent silhouette, Organization XIII Replica data

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Name Enemy
Shimmering Crystal Archraven, Blobmob, Blue Sea Salt, Red Hot Chili, Spiderchest, Yellow Mustard
Fleeting Crystal Chrono Twister, Shoegazer, Sonic Blaster, Spiderchest, Thornbite
Pulsing Crystal Bruiser, Buckle Bruiser, Tank Toppler, Wild Bruiser
Wellspring Crystal Scrapper, Triple Wrecker
Soothing Crystal Flood, Jellyshade
Hungry Crystal Bruiser, Buckle Bruiser, Hareraiser, Monotrucker, Vile Phial
Abounding Crystal Axe Flapper, Mandrake
Chaos Crystal Archraven
Secret Gem Flood

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Name Enemy
Fleeting Figment Escarglow, KO Kabuto, Thunderaffe, Me Me Bunny, Electricorn
Fleeting Fancy Thunderaffe, Pegaslick, Electricorn, Majik Lapin
Fleeting Fantasy Thunderaffe
Lofty Figment Wheeflower, Woeflower, Eaglider, Tatsu Steed, Tatsu Blaze
Lofty Fancy Halbird, Pegaslick, Ryu Dragon
Lofty Fantasy Halbird, Pegaslick, Ryu Dragon
Rampant Figment Meow Wow, Komory Bat, Pricklemane, Flowbermeow, Wheeflower, Drill Sye, Iceguin Ace
Rampant Fancy Meow Wow, Zolephant, Fin Fatale, Iceguin Ace, Drak Quack
Rampant Fantasy Iceguin Ace
Dulcet Figment Necho Cat, Tatsu Steed
Dulcet Fancy Necho Cat, Ducky Goose, Keeba Tiger
Dulcet Fantasy Ducky Goose, Majik Lapin
Intrepid Figment Pricklemane, Hebby Repp, Kooma Panda, Zolephant
Intrepid Fancy Drill Sye, Cera Terror, Me Me Bunny, Aura Lion
Intrepid Fantasy Me Me Bunny, Tyranto Rex, Aura Lion, Keeba Tiger
Noble Figment Zolephant, Drill Sye, KO Kabuto, Cyber Yog, Sir Kyroo
Noble Fancy Lord Kyroo, KO Kabuto, Sir Kyroo, Fishboné
Noble Fantasy
Grim Figment Tama Sheep, Yoggy Ram, Escarglow, Cyber Yog, Fin Fatale, Staggerceps
Grim Fancy Staggerceps, Tatsu Blaze
Grim Fantasy Cera Terror, Skelterwild
Vibrant Figment Meow Wow, Tama Sheep, Yoggy Ram, Kooma Panda, Eaglider, Juggle Pup
Vibrant Fancy Tama Sheep, Yoggy Ram, Kooma Panda, Lord Kyroo, Halbird, Juggle Pup, Jestabocky
Vibrant Fantasy Juggle Pup
Troubling Figment Komory Bat, Hebby Repp, Toximander, Necho Cat, Peepsta Hoo, Ghostabocky
Troubling Fancy Toximander, Woeflower
Troubling Fantasy Ghostabocky
Wondrous Figment Peepsta Hoo, Jestabocky, Chef Kyroo
Wondrous Fancy Fishboné, Chef Kyroo, Tyranto Rex, Ducky Goose
Wondrous Fantasy Ghostabocky, Drak Quack
Malleable Fantasy Flowbermeow
Prickly Fantasy
Wild Fantasy
Epic Fantasy
Charming Fantasy
Brilliant Fantasy
Savage Fantasy Tyranto Rex, Ryu Dragon, Skelterwild

Notes and References

  1. Malleable, Prickly, Wild, Epic, Charming, Brilliant, and Savage appear only in the form of Fantasies.
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