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BBS icon.png In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, The Dimension Links, also known as D-Links, have a variety of different abilities, with each one having two abilities disponible. Ventus, Aqua and Terra can only use these abilities while in their respective D-Links, and they can only unlock them once they level up it.


The first time you get a D-Link, It will be at level 0, and therefore has no special abilities yet. One should note that, until it levels up, there will be two black circles in the lower left of the D-Link's Character's Avatar, symbolizing the abilities that still need to be unlocked.

Once the D-Link levels up to level 1, The first ability is unlocked, and new commands to the deck as well. The ability differs from summon to summon, since increasing damage to decrease the falling speed, but they aren't as effective as the second level ones.

When the D-Link levels up once more, reaching the last level, a new ability, new commands and even a new finisher is obtained. This ability is generally better and more effective than the first one, giving resistance to specific attacks, and even doubling the experience gained.


D-Link Level 1 Ability Level 2 Ability
DL Terra.png DL TerraOverdrive.pngOverdrive
When HP is less than 25%, attack power increases.
DL TerraFrontAutoGuard.pngAuto-Block
Automatically guard against enemies from the front.
DL Aqua.png DL AquaMagicFlick.pngMagic Deflector
Guards against magic-based attacks automatically.
DL AquaReraise.pngAuto-Life
Automatically revive once in battle at 25% health.
DL Ventus.png DL VentusHaste.pngHaste
Increases attack speed.
DL VentusAutoCounter.pngAuto-Counter
Automatically use a counter attack when knocked away by enemies.
DL Mickey.png DL MickeyDamageAutoTeleport.pngAuto-Teleport
Just before taking damage, teleport to the side of an enemy.
DL MickeyEXPDoubleUp.pngDouble EXP
Doubles the experience obtained.
DL Donald.png DL DonaldMagicUp.pngMagic Boost
Increases magic power.
DL DonaldShell.pngShell
Slightly reduces damage received from magical attacks.
DL Goofy.png DL GoofyProtect.pngProtect
Decreases the damage taken from an opponent's physical attacks.
DL GoofyStunUp.pngStun Boost
Increases the chance of stunning enemies with attacks.
DL Snow White.png DL SnowWhiteCommandBoost.pngGauge Boost
Increases the Command Gauge reload speed
DL SnowWhiteQuickReload.pngQuick Reload
Increases Command reload speed.
DL Cinderella.png DL CinderellaAutoRecovery.pngAuto-Remedy
Decreases duration of negative status effects.
DL CinderellaRegena.pngRegen
Restores HP gradually over time.
DL Maleficent.png DL MaleficentHalfFocus.pngFocus Saver
Decreases Focus Gauge consuming rate.
DL MaleficentDrain.pngDrain
Drains HP when performing any attack against enemies.
DL Zack.png DL ZackBerserk.pngBerserk
Increases Critical Hit rate but decreases defense greatly.
DL ZackAttackFlick.pngAttack Deflector
When hit by enemies, activates a protective barrier.
DL Stitch.png DL StitchAttackUp.pngAttack Boost
Increases Attack Type Commands' power.
DL StitchCPDoubleUp.pngDouble CP
Doubles the CP obtained.
DL Peter Pan.png DL PeterPanLevitate.pngFloat
Decreases the falling speed.
DL PeterPanDoubleHit.pngDouble Strike
Every normal attack hits twice instead of once.
DL Pete.png DL PeteMunnyPlus.pngMunny Plus
Increase the drop rate and amount of munny.
DL PeteSteal.pngSteal
Increase the item drop rate.

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