Pete Pride Lands KHII

Pete appears in the Pride Lands in a Lion Form alongside Scar as a major antagonist, although Sora personally does not fight him. In this world, he takes the form of an adult lion, unlike Sora who takes the form of a lion cub.

He does not appear to have any influence over Scar, but appears with him at two points in the events of the first visit to Pride Lands. The first point Sora encounters Pete is when Sora, Donald, and Goofy escape from Scar and the hyenas after nearly being eaten. The second point is just before the final battle with Scar, announcing that Scar had been turned into a Heartless due to his jealousy and anger.

In his lion form, Pete is somewhat clumsy, shown when he slips while trying to get down from Pride Rock.

Journal entries

Kingdom Hearts II

Steamboat Willie (1928)

Pete's using the Heartless to get control over all the worlds.

He's helping Scar's phantom, too. Seems like Pete's trying to cover all his bases.


Pete takes the form of an adult lion with predominantly blue-grey fur. His mane, the tuft of hair at the tip of his tail, and the lower halves of his legs are all grey. His toes, belly, and the fur around his mouth are all tan. The top of Pete's mane is pushed back, except for a few bangs that fall over his forehead.

His pupils seem to be more slit-like that their normal oval-shape. Pete retains his four flat, square teeth in this form, and he appears more heavy-set than other lions.

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