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Lindworm is Xaldin's signature set of Lances. In Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Lindworm is his only weapon, while in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, it is the form his Lances take when equipped with the Zero Gear ⑤. In the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game, it is simply called "Spear".


A Lindworm model Lance's main shaft is periwinkle in the center, with each of the ends being purple; the periwinkle and purple sections are separated by a small gold band. One end of the Lance is shaped like the top half of the Nobody symbol and is colored purple. The other end seems to be a combination of the lower half of the Nobody symbol and a Dragoon Nobody's "head", and is also purple.

A lindworm is a type of wingless, bipedal dragon known for its venomous fangs.


Xaldin's ground combo involves twin slashes from left to right with two Lances, then telepathically thrusting all six forward for a powerful combo finisher. Xaldin's aerial combo consists of him slashing the enemy twice, and ending the combo by thrusting multiple Lances forward. Should one press Y when the on-screen prompt appears, Xaldin will knock enemies into the air before performing his aerial combo's finisher. Both Lindworm's aerial and ground combos are very similar to those of the Zephyr Lances.


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