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Limit Form (リミットフォーム Rimitto Fōmu?) is a Drive Form which appears in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It uses neither of Sora's party members, and consumes four Drive Points. It represents Sora's past,[1] and is obtained along with the Oathkeeper Keyblade at Twilight Town, after Sora learns about Kairi's abduction and seals the world's Keyhole.


Limit Form is gained upon visiting Twilight Town the second time. Limit Form allows Sora to use abilities from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, such as Dodge Roll and Zantetsuken. It is symbolized by a red crown (similar in appearance to Sora's necklace). Similar to Master Form, it consumes four Drive Bars and is also the only Form that can be used by Sora without giving up any of his partners.

  • Form Level Limit Form gains one experience point for every successful use of Sora's limits, specifically the final attack of a limit. While the limit finisher does not need to land on an enemy in order for experience to be gained, Sora must be in battle to use his limits in the first place. As Limit Form levels up, Sora gains the ability to use Dodge Roll in his normal form, and he also gains bonus Draw and Lucky Lucky abilities.
Form Level EXP Bonus Limit Form Bonus Sora
1 0 Dodge Roll Level 1 N/A
2 3 Form Gauge +1 Autolimit
3 9 Form Gauge +1, Dodge Roll Level 2 Dodge Roll Level 1
4 21 Form Gauge +1 Draw
5 40 Form Gauge +1, Dodge Roll Level 3 Dodge Roll Level 2
6 63 Form Gauge +1 Lucky Lucky
7 90 Form Gauge +1, Dodge Roll MAX Dodge Roll Level 3

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In this form, Sora's clothes change into the same colors and style of the clothes he wore in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. There are Crown symbols on the end of his pant legs. This is the only Drive Form where Sora has no particle effects, such as light wisps or electricity, surrounding him, although whenever he enters a new area, his torso glows red for a short time and a few specks of light fall off of him. While his fighting stance remains the same as his base form, as he is in a Drive Form, Sora does not exit his fighting stance.

  • Timeless River: Sora's health icon gains a purple tint. His body does not actually change.
  • Halloween Town: Sora's mask turns into a red and black checkered, silver KH-stylized heart over his right eye.
  • Christmas Town: A grayish silver crown appears on Sora's santa hat and on the back of his shirt.
  • Space Paranoids: Sora's circuit lines turn silver above the waist, red below the waist, and yellow on his feet.


Ability Description
Sonic Blade Limit command (Circle) - Quickly dash up to seven times with the Keyblade. Sora is invulnerable during the dashes. (60 MP)
Ars Arcanum Limit command (Triangle) - Perform a massive Keyblade Combo upon the enemy. (75 MP)
Strike Raid Limit command (Square) - Throw the Keyblade up to five times. Just as in Kingdom Hearts, this command ends with Judgment, a critical finisher. (65 MP)
Ragnarok Limit command (X) - Short aerial combo leading to a reaction command of light laser bursts. Select the third of four reaction commands for maximum damage. (80 MP)
Zantetsuken Finishing move - A powerful thrust, the strongest single-hitting finishing move in the game.
Ripple Drive Finishing move - Hits multiple enemies with an aura attack.
Hurricane Blast Aerial finishing move - Sora spins with the Keyblade 1080 degrees vertically.
Zantetsu Counter After blocking with Guard, press Circle to counter with Zantetsuken. With Finishing Plus equipped, multiple combo finishers may be performed.
Reflect Guard Allows Guarding during a ground Combo.
Guard Press Square to deflect an enemy attack. Uses the Kingdom Hearts animation instead of the Kingdom Hearts II animation.
Slapshot Automatic ground combo attack - Very fast diagonal slash.
Slide Dash Dash toward an enemy with a swift attack.
Aerial Sweep Perform a spinning air-attack against nearby flying enemies while on the ground.
Dodge Roll Sora executes a quick roll in a short distance by pressing Square and a direction on the control stick; all attacks are negated during the period of rolling.
HP Gain Every successful hit with a Limit Ability restores HP. Hits do not have to damage enemies to restore HP (i.e. limit attacks landed against invulnerable opponents restore HP).
Draw Attracts Munny/HP/MP/Drive orbs to this character.
Lucky Lucky Increases item drop rate by 50%.
MP Rage MP recovers every time this character is hit (inactive while recharging).
MP Haste MP recharges 25% faster.


As this form is exclusive to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, it is recommended that the player makes use of all the additions that are exclusive to KHIIFM to level up Limit Form: the best places to level up are in the Cavern of Remembrance, where there is an abundance of Heartless, and in the Treasure Room in Agrabah, where Mushroom No. 5 can be found. The latter is recommended as the player has the benefit of a nearby Save Point, and can always use it to return to the World Map if Sora's Drive Gauge is low.

Another opportune method to level up Limit Form is during The Battle of 1000 Heartless. At this point in the game, Sora's Drive Forms may level of to LV6. The player can level up 2 or even 3 levels, if Limit Form is used constantly and plenty of Ethers are on hand. Alternatively, utilizing MP Rage and the Hidden Dragon Keyblade to restore MP is equally effective; If the player allows Sora to take damage, then MP will be replenished as a result. The amount of damage required would allow him to restore his MP Gauge to full before his HP hits zero, and Limits will restore the lost HP just as well. This means that the player need not even use items to restore MP. This alternate method is more effective at higher difficulty levels, making the process less tedious.

Another, decent way to level up this form is to go to the Altar of Naught if the player has unlocked the battle against Xemnas' Final Form. Exiting the Altar of Naught will lead to the end of Ruin and Creation's Passage. By using Limit Form when the Nobodies, many of whom are Berserkers, appear, Limits can be used until all Nobodies in the top area leading to the Altar of Naught are defeated, or the MP gauge runs out. Entering the Altar of Naught will immediately fill up the Drive Gauge, and the player can repeat this for a simple way to level up Limit Form.

Likely the most optimal way to level up Limit Form would be to take advantage of the fact that Limits do not actually require targets, only for Sora to be in battle. First, Sora must have equipped as many Form Boosts as possible (including the Oathkeeper). The location of choice is the Treasure Room in Agrabah, where Mushroom No. 5 is open for dueling. As the Heartless will not move or attack Sora within the sizeable room, he can perform Limits at his leisure without worrying about defeating or even damaging the resting enemy after the duel starts. The player must then move over to the entrance while keeping the target reticle off of No. 5, and proceed to use Sonic Blade (which at maximum MP, can be used three times as opposed to the other Limits) over and over. As the Save Point is right outside the room, Sora is able to restore his MP and enter battle as he pleases.

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Notes and references

  1. Yen Sid's mirror: "An image of you obtaining old abilities flows into your mind."
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