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Licenses are items that only appear in Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, licenses can be obtained by destroying blox or defeating enemies.

List of licenses

  • Strength-L - Doubles the damage all allies deal to enemies for 6 turns.
  • Defense-L - Halves the damage taken by all allies for 6 turns.
  • Scout-L - Ensures the player is never back-attacked throughout the current layer.
  • Break-L - Destroys all breakable blox in the area.
  • Charge-L - Lets the player store up power for 1 turn to triple the damage dealt by the next attack.
  • Auto-Block-L - Causes all allies to automatically block enemy attacks for 6 turns.
  • Timing-L - Loosens up the timing for all allies' combo strikes for 6 turns.
  • Reload-L - Instantly reloads all your commands.
  • Escape-L - Ensures you escape a battle unharmed.
  • Regen-L - Restores 10% of each ally's HP at the end of every turn for 6 turns.
  • Reload-Boost-L - Speeds up reloading of all your commands for 6 turns.
  • Entrap-L - Ensures you get a preemptive strike in every battle throughout the current layer.
  • Auto-Life-L - Brings allies back into the fight if they have fallen during that turn.
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