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Laverne, Victor, and Hugo are three gargoyles who appear in the 2012 film Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. They originate from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Laverne, Victor, and Hugo were first confirmed to appear in the game in a November 2011 issue of Famitsu, where they were featured in a screenshot conversing with Sora.

Journal entries


Physical appearance

Laverne is a bit more lanky than than her other two friends, having trouble moving and appears older and wiser than them due to the sound of her voice being elderly. Her stone body is tan, making her easier to tell apart from her two compatriots. She has small horns and "winkles" above her eyes, showing age. Her wings are mid-way in size between Hugo and Victor's.

Victor is the tallest and physically fit of the trio. He is made of light blue stone. His eyes appear sunken in. His wings are the largest of the trio. His horns are slightly bigger than Laverne's.

Hugo is the shortest and pudgiest of the gargoyle trio; he resembles a pig, with a snout proving said example. Unlike his other friends, he has hooves instead of fingers. His horns are the longest of the trip and his arms are rather stubby.


Laverne, Victor, and Hugo are notable among the cast of the 1996 film for being the only major characters created exclusively for the movie, being completely absent in Victor Hugo's original novel in 1831. Obviously, Victor and Hugo's names are a reference to the author himself, while Laverne is named after Laverne Andrews of The Andrews Sisters.

In the film, the three gargoyles serve as Quasimodo's friends and guardians during his time growing up inside the attics of Notre Dame, although whether or not they are truly alive or not is often questioned, demonstrated when they only come to life when alone with Quasimodo and how Frollo appears not to know about them being alive. Throughout the film, they mostly provide comic relief, but also appear to advise Quasimodo on his relationship with Esmeralda, and even when Esmeralda falls in love with Phoebus instead, they still persuade him to rebel against Frollo and help the gypsies against his tyranny.

During Esmeralda's execution, they do their best to implore Quasimodo to continue fighting, but he refuses to listen, although he eventually goes through with it after hearing Frollo's hypocritical speech. During the final battle, they aid Quasimodo in tossing weapons from the balconies to stop Frollo's soldier-like thugs from getting inside the cathedral.

Other appearances

The Sceptre and the Kingdom

Laverne first appeared in The Sceptre and the Kingdom, this being her first appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series, but is not considered a canonical appearance.

On this occasion, Laverne has a similar role as Passepartout in Wonderland world of the first Kingdom Hearts. When Sora and Riku mention that they seek a back door into their world, Laverne speaks and tells them the location of the firm, Riku, then, identified Laverne as one of the "Guardians".

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