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Lauriam was a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He is a member of the Dandelions and has been chosen by the Master of Masters to lead a Union after the Keyblade War.

He is the older brother of Strelitzia, and the human form of Marluxia.


Lauriam has a polite and reserved disposition. He cares deeply for his younger sister Strelitzia and is very supportive of her. He is able to recognize when his friends are feeling distress, shown when he supports an insecure Ventus by saying that he isn't weak, but kind. He also has a playful side to him, shown in moments where he teases his sister for having a crush on the Player and helps Ephemer feel more at ease by joking around. Lauriam is also shown to be quite confident in his fighting prowess. This confidence aligns with the fact that he could finish his Lux collecting missions early, by noon. It has manifested as cockiness in his battle against Maleficent however, where he's shown to underestimate his opponent by challenging them to a battle with snarky remarks that resulted in him getting defeated at the end.

He's not shown to place as much importance on his Union leader duties as the others due to his concern about Strelitzia's whereabouts getting in the way. This concern of his; often leads him to lose control of his anger, to the point where it's caused him to attack his fellow leaders. Lauriam is able to reflect on his actions and wrong-doings if calmed down, shown when he holds himself accountable for his lashing out at Ventus.

Physical Appearance

Lauriam has shoulder-length pink hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a large-collared white button-up shirt with large cuffs beneath a black vest with tattered ends at either side on the front and a tattered longer coattail style addition in the back, dark pink pants, and sleek black boots.


Before Kingdom Hearts Union X

As the new Union leaders grow impatient, with Ephemer and Skuld deciding to search the area for the final Union leader. As he was the last of the new Union leaders to arrive at the Keyblade Graveyard as per Ava's instructions, the final Union leader apologizes to Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus and Brain for making them wait, as he'd been looking for something, introducing himself as Lauriam.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Over time, Lauriam begins to show keen interest in the whereabouts of Strelitzia. Upon questioning her old acquaintance Elrena, Lauriam reveals Strelitzia is his younger sister. When Elrena and her Chirithy claim they saw Strelitzia was searching for someone and entered a building, noting this being her last known location, Lauriam returns to question his fellow Union leaders. Brain chimes up after listening in and points out that Strelitzia couldn't have been trying to convince someone to join the Dandelions after the Keyblade War had already begun. Then, upon hearing of the description of the person Strelitzia was looking for, Lauriam is introduced to the Player by Ephemer, but was saddened that they didn't know anything about his sister either. After a second meeting with Elrena, Lauriam suspects Brain may know more than he is letting on, and could possibly help him in his search.

After Brain reveals from the list Ava gave him that Strelitzia was supposed to be a new Union leader, he and the other three plan to talk to Lauriam to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Lauriam is shown to be away confronting Maleficent, who had broken into the tower in order to access the incomplete Ark and return to her own time. Lauriam loses his battle with Maleficent, and faints due to the toll of the battle. While asleep, he dreams of a memory he's had with Strelitzia. The dream isn't unusual until the very end, where Strelitzia suddenly vanishes from Lauriam's side but soon reappears in a white coat and levitates away. After the dream, Lauriam regains consciousness and realizes Maleficent has gone away and slowly limps out of the room thinking of his sister.

When the other Union leaders find Lauriam, they attempt to gently break the identity of Strelitzia's assailant to him. Ventus appears and confesses, to which Lauriam aggressively confronts him and asks him why. The confrontation causes Ventus to black out and the Darkness within him to reveal itself, confessing its deeds to the group and clearing Ventus of responsibility. Lauriam is knocked out in the early stages of the ensuing clash with the Darkness. Ventus comes to and seemingly defeats the darkness, earning a small redemption with Lauriam.

Afterward, Lauriam tends to an unconscious Ventus and apologizes to him for blaming him for Strelitzia's death. He acknowledges that Ventus is not to blame, and explains that he lashed out at him due to his inability to pin the blame on something abstract like Darkness. He then begins to ponder whether the Darkness still resides within him, and negative emotions begin to stir within him. A mysterious figure with sleeves that resembles Strelitzia's gently grabs his arm and urges him to let go of these dark thoughts. Just as he's about to take a look at the figure, it vanishes. The moment is interrupted when the other Union leaders announce Elrena has come to see Lauriam, claiming her Chirithy saw Strelitzia with a man in a black coat.

Lauriam goes with the group to the lifeboats. Due to Maleficent taking one of the lifeboats already, there were only five functioning lifeboats and seven Keyblade wielders needing them. After discussion, the group decided that Lauriam, Elrena, Brain and Ventus would take the lifeboats, leaving one behind. Lauriam departed the data world and shortly upon arriving in the real world, escaped the crumbling Daybreak Town, crying out in worry for Brain who stayed behind to find a way to rescue the remaining Union leaders and the Player.

After escaping in the lifeboat, Lauriam is show to have awoken in a field of flowers in Dwarf Woodlands.

After Kingdom Hearts Union χ

At some point, Lauriam's heart fell to darkness, becoming a Heartless. Lauriam's Nobody, Marluxia, came into being, where he was found by Xigbar and Xaldin, and brought before Xemnas, who was looking for ancient Keyblade wielders to fill slots in Organization XIII.[1] After Marluxia's defeat at the hands of Sora, Lauriam is recompleted, but soon became a Nobody again and joined the real Organization XIII. Larxene attempted unsuccessfully to talk him into another coup, and during the conversation they were interrupted by Demyx, Xemnas and Luxord. Xemnas asked the four Organization members if they knew why he recruited them in the first place when they had no prior connection to Ansem the Wise. Larxene guessed that it was to use them for the power of their hearts. Xemnas corrected her, claiming she, Marluxia, Demyx and Luxord would soon reveal a secret about the ancient Keyblade legacy that slumbered within them, to which Marluxia responded with an annoyed scowl.[2]


Lauriam uses the Divine Rose in its third form. According to Strelitzia, he is physically more capable than her but Lauriam insists that Strelitzia's magic is far stronger than his.


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