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The Lance Warrior is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It is a powered version of the Lance Soldier. It only appears in the Engine Room area of the Cavern of Remembrance.


The Lance Warrior is a tall, skinny, humanoid Heartless with a spherical, black head with glowing yellow eyes. Its hour glass-shaped helmet, armored boots, and gauntlets are all pale gold. There is a short, curled, red antenna on the top of its helmet. It also seems to wear black pants and a black breastplate with the Heartless insignia on it, both with red lines decorating them.

The armor around its abdomen is orange while the armor around its neck is red. The warrior’s lance is yellow-orange with a black, riveted base. Its handle is red and has a spiked ring around its center, and the base of the lance sports two curled, black protrusions that resemble ears or horns. The lance has a jagged-toothed maw and angular, spiral, red "eyes".

The Lance Warrior's name refers to the lance it carries, as well as its increased strength when compared to the Lance Soldier. Alternatively, it could reflect the fact that the lance and warrior are two separate entities that act together.


At lower levels the Lance Warrior cannot be defeated with a single combo, instead try to keep distance from his attacks and only go in after it's combo. It's reaction command, "Lance Tug" should be used whenever possible to take out a bulk of it's HP and do additional damage to nearby enemies.

Stats & Abilities