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Kurt Zisa
Kurt Zisa KH
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji カート・ジーサ
Romaji Kāto Jīsa
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kurt Zisa's Gallery

Kingdom Hearts

Heartless who emerged from the Keyhole opened by the princesses. He swung his six powerful arms to attack Sora and company and block their attacks. But Sora sought out his weakness and emerged the victor.



Kurt Zisa is an Emblem Heartless who can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


Kingdom Hearts

Kurt Zisa emerged from the Final Keyhole after it was opened by the Princesses of Heart, and went straight to Agrabah. The Carpet soon encountered it in the desert, and flew back to Aladdin's House, where Sora and his friends found it. It leads them back to the wastelands, where they are attacked by Kurt Zisa. However, after a violent battle Kurt Zisa is defeated.


A six-armed beast, Kurt Zisa also boasts a brown and black segmented body and a golden head that bears a strong resemblance to the cobra head on Jafar's staff. He wears a white sleeve trimmed in gold on each arm, a white tunic with puffy gold sleeves over his oddly-shaped upper torso, and white, gold-and-turquoise trimmed pants on his lower body.

Around his waist is a brightly colored sash in turquoise, decorated with bright orange tassels and a gold apron bearing the Heartless Emblem. At first glance, his feet appear to be clad in gold and brown shoes, but the toes are curled into fierce hooks that point down towards the ground. Each arm ends in three sharp segmented talons.

For as fierce as Kurt Zisa looks, most of the damage is done with his shotels, two large sharp silver crescents that end in gold-trimmed holes on one end and lethal hooks on the other.


  • Kurt Zisa is named after Kurt Zisa of Medford, New York, who won Square's "KINGDOM HEARTS: Name-In-Game" contest held two months prior to the game's American release.
  • Interestingly, the spinning blade attack is identical to the attack of Luna Bandits, and both base the attack on Abis Mal's henchmen bandits from the Aladdin television series, (specifically in the episode entitled "Air Feathered Friends," ) which could become tornadoes using magical feathers, and held their swords like Kurt Zisa does.
  • In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, when Xion uses an Organization XIII Device in Agrabah to absorb Sora's latent memories of that world, she takes on a form which strongly resembles Kurt Zisa.

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