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The Kraken is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts III.

Physical Appearance

The Kraken is a gigantic cephalopod-like beast, with a squid-like mantle, a number of long, suckered tentacles at the base of its head. It also has a long, sharp tail similar to a squid and large round eyes with orange irises and black pupils. It had a large, maw-like mouth surrounded by fangs below its large eyes, and a massive body at least twice as long as its tentacles.

The overall length of the Kraken is similar to the length of ten ships, which would be approximately 1400 feet in total length. Its body resembles a massive, cuttlefish-like cephalopod.


Kingdom Hearts III

The Kraken appears as a boss fight in "The Caribbean" world, inserted into the game's adaptation of the events of At World's End. Unlike the film, it was still alive (indicating that Beckett didn't order its death in this version) and took part in the Battle of the Maelstrom.


The Kraken was introduced in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. In the film, Davy Jones has the power to summon it and use it to attack whatever he commands, due to Davy Jones's power to mark those who owed him debt with a black spot. The Kraken destroys two ships; the first is the Edinburgh Trader which Will Turner is on. It later destroys the Black Pearl, in which it seems to swallow and kill Jack Sparrow, although it took him to Davy Jones' Locker. However, Davy Jones is forced to kill the Kraken under the orders of Lord Cutler Beckett, who controls his heart.