This article is about King Mickey's upgraded version. You may be looking for Sora's version of the Kingdom Key.

The Kingdom Key W, also known as The King's Keyblade (王様のキーブレード Ō-sama no Kīburēdo?), is a combination of Mickey's other two Keychains, Kingdom Key D and Star Seeker, in Kingdom Hearts III.


After the Kingdom Key D was damaged in a battle against the Heartless in the Dark World, Mickey received a new, upgraded Keyblade and started using it in battle.


The Kingdom Key W is modeled after the Kingdom Key D and, by extension, Sora's Kingdom Key. It features a gold handguard, and a blue blade patterned in the manner of Star Seeker. At the four corners of the handguard are five-pointed star designs. The Keychain is unchanged.


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