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This alternate version of the Kingdom Key is called Darkside and, among fans, referred to as the Kingblade or the Inverse Kingdom Key. Darkside was found in the Realm of Darkness. Since Darkside is a reverse colorization of the Kingdom Key, it is believed that these two are the original keyblades. It wasn't the King's since before Kingdom Hearts. In fact, his original keyblade was the Star Seeker, as shown with Mickey wielding it in Birth By Sleep when he was still an apprentice. This Keyblade was shown in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II called "The Gathering" with Sora's and Riku's Way to the Dawn as being the only 3 with keychains on them. In Kingdom Hearts II, he is not shown wielding any weapon, except Darkside and his hilarious wits in Timeless River. This keyblade can also fire a holy magic spell called Pearl. This reflects the fact that no matter how deep the darkness there is always a bright light that shines within. It was originally seen in the closing video for Kingdom Hearts. It is expected to appear in Kingdom Hearts coded.



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