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Items in Kingdom Hearts and the Final Mix version are collectible objects stored in the player character's inventory. Items provide a major gameplay mechanic, and typically serve a purpose for either direct active use in and out of combat by Sora and any party members, but also as equipment in the form of accessories and weapons. There are also key items, which serve to further the story and trigger specific events (but can also include certain collectible items), and synthesis materials used to create new items. Lastly there are also gummi blocks, used to construct gummi ships.

Item can be acquired in a multitude of ways, such as receiving them as rewards from other characters for the completion of objectives or certain progress in the story. They can also be found inside treasure chests, and by interacting with specific objects in some worlds, such as the flowers in Wonderland. Heartless also have a minor chance to drop items on defeat, which can be increased with Lucky Strike. Bosses also often drop a unique item, generally equipment, when defeated. Lastly items can be bought with munny in shops, such as the Item Shop, Accessory Shop, and Gummi Shop, or synthesized in the Item Workshop, all of which are in Traverse Town. Trinity Marks also frequently grant various items upon activation.


Usable items

Usable items in Kingdom Hearts come in two forms; equippable items usable during combat through the command menu, and items only usable when inside the menu (and thus out of combat). Both items restore either HP or MP, or both, although there are also menu items that instead raise your stats. The menu items that restore your HP also affect your entire party, but since they cannot be used in combat it is generally preferable to use them first. Although party members can also equip usable items, they tend to more often than not waste them at inopportune times.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy, start with respectively three, two, and four item slots. Other party members range from three to a maximum of eight, but are unable to increase their total amount. Sora will gain additional slots on level 18, 30, and 42, plus 54 if he has chosen the Dream Sword, or 6 and 54 if he has chosen the Dream Shield instead. As such, the Dream Rod grants no bonus slots, limiting you to six, whereas the Dream Shield grants a maximum of eight, with the Dream Sword sitting inbetween at seven. Donald gains extra slots on level 15, 25, 35, and 45, for a total of six, whereas Goofy gains them at level 10, 18, 24, and 32, for a total of eight.

Note that the Item Shop is not the only location for the weakest items, as The Peddler in Agrabah also sells them for a short time after Jafar's defeat.

Final Mix changed the pricing and synthesis lists for a handful of items, as such the new price or list is listed inside parentheses. It also severely lowered most drop rates by half or more, although in general the mid-to-late game enemies proportionally drop more powerful items.

Item Effect Availability
Potion Restores 30 HP of one character. Sold in the Item Shop for 25 (60) munny. Often found inside chests or from other objects early on, or received as a reward, and dropped by the most common melee Heartless. All party members also come equipped with one or more potions.
Hi-Potion Restores 60 HP of one character. Sold in the Item Shop for 60 (150) munny. Still somewhat commonly available from either rewards, chests or other means such as interactable objects early on.
Mega-Potion Restores 30 HP of each party member. Found inside a large number chests spread throughout the game. Can also be synthesized with list II (list I).
Ether Restores 3 MP of one character. Sold in the Item Shop for 100 (200) munny. Relatively rare, but can be acquired now and then throughout the game.
Mega-Ether Restores 3 MP of each party member. Somewhat more commonly available inside chests past the early game. Can otherwise only be synthesized with list III (list II).
Elixir Fully restores a character's HP and MP. Available inside chests several times throughout the mid and late game, but can also be synthesized with list I (list IV, far more expensive). Dropped by Defender and Wyvern.
Megalixir Fully restores the party's HP and MP. Found inside the more rare and obscure chests over a dozen times, although Final Mix replaced several. Can also be synthesized with list IV (list V). Dropped by Rare Truffle if hit over a 100 times.
Tent Fully restores the party's HP. Sold in the Item Shop for 150 (250) munny. Only found once from a blue Trinity Mark in Wonderland.
Camping Set Restores all HP and 3 MP of each party member. Sold in the Item Shop for 500 munny. Found four times in Wonderland, and once from a blue Trinity Mark in Traverse Town.
Cottage Fully restores the party's HP and MP. Found more often in chests and from (blue) Trinity Marks than the other camping items. Can also be synthesized with list I.
Power Up Raises Strength by 1. The various stat Up items are generally available from the same sources; these being a small handful of Trinity Marks, chests (specifically the clock tower in Neverland), minigame rewards (such as delivering postcards, Jungle Slider, or bringing Rare Nuts to Owl), and synthesis. Power Up requires list IV (list V), Defense Up requires list III (list IV), and AP UP list II (list III). No enemies drop these items.
Defense Up Raises Defense by 1.
AP Up Raises max AP by 1.

Key items

Most key items are used to progress the game's story, although some are optional or missable and not important at all, and others are simply just rewards for certain achievements.

Note that the list is sorted somewhat chronologically, with items that are available at any point placed at the end.

Item General information
Raft materials
and supplies
Kairi requests several items from Sora for the raft, leading him to collect the Cloth, Log, and Rope while on the first day. On the second day he is given the Empty Bottle which he needs for the Drinking Water, alongside the Fish, Mushrooms, Coconuts, and Seagull Egg. If he hands in the requested items without asking for help he received a Hi-Potion in return.
Trial evidence While in Wonderland Sora gets caught up in Alice's trial, after which he has to collect evidence to present to the Queen of Hearts. The four pieces are the Antenna, Claw Marks, Footprints, and Stench.
Entry Pass Sora, Donald, and Goofy receive an Entry Pass from Hades after completing Phil's Training and exiting the lobby.
Hero License The Hero License is given to Sora and company by Philoctetes after they managed to defeat Cerberus in the Preliminary Tournament.
Projector slides In Deep Jungle Jane asks Sora to collect all six projector slides scattered across the camp, in an attempt to communicate with Tarzan.
Navi-G Piece
Navi-G Pieces are automatically acquired through story progress on the worlds of Wonderland, Deep Jungle, Traverse Town, and Neverland. When given to Cid he uses two to create a complete Navi-Gummie block, which are required to use the warp gates for travel.
Summon gems Earthshine, Watergleam, Naturespark, and Fireglow are summon gems, which when acquired can be given to the Fairy Godmother to learn new Summons.
Old Book
Torn Page
The Old Book is given to Sora by Cid as a delivery request to the Magician's Study. Merlin then asks Sora to return the torn pages scattered throughout the worlds. Each page unlocks a new area and minigame in the 100 Acre Wood.
Crystal Trident The Crystal Trident is an item found inside the Sunken Ship in Atlantica, and has the power to reveal its Keyhole, but gets destroyed by Triton in a fit of anger.
Dr. Finkelstein's ingredients The Forget-Me-Not and Jack-in-the-Box are two items that Dr. Finkelstein requests from Sora to build an improved heart while in Halloween Town.
Hollow Bastion library books In Hollow Bastion's library Sora needs to take several books he found scattered throughout the room, and place them in the right bookcases to cause them to move, revealing more of the area. Each book has its own color, name, and volume number. The following books can be found: Azal vol. 3, Hafet vol. 4, Khama vol. 8, Mava vol. 3, Mava vol. 6, Nahara vol. 5, Salegg vol. 6, and Theon vol. 6.
Emblem Pieces After the library in Hollow Bastion, in the main hall's second floor, Sora has to collect a total of four Emblem Pieces, all of which together unlock the door leading to the Lift Stop area.
Postcard Postcards are collectible items in Traverse Town, primarily found by opening either hidden chests or interacting with various objects. Postcards can be dropped in the red mailbox in the First District in return for items.
Pretty Stone Pretty Stones are largely worthless items with no use other than to sell them. They can be acquired by racing Riku, as well as a few found in some chests.
Rare Nut Rare Nuts are collectible items in 100 Acre Wood's Bouncing Spot. Each can be traded in with Owl for a prize.
Arts Arts items are dropped by White Mushrooms upon successfully using the right magic on them three times in a row. Collecting all seven Arts and showing them to Merlin will lead him to reward you with the Dream Shield weapon for Goofy. The following Arts can be acquired: Aero Arts, Blizzard Arts, Cure Arts, Fire Arts, Gravity Arts, Stop Arts, and Thunder Arts. They can also be sold for a little munny.
Mushroom drops Mystery Mold is an item dropped by Black Fungus with a 10% drop chance. It sells for a total of 9,999 munny and has no other purpose. Similarly the Matsutake Rank and Shiitake Rank items are dropped by Rare Truffle upon hitting one 50 and 100 times. They also each sell for respectively 100 and 500 munny.