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This page is a list of all optional item locations in Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version, excluding items received through Trinity Marks. Aside from Trinity Marks, the only other items not listed are those received after defeating mandatory bosses or by sealing Keyholes, nor those that you have to collect as part of the story. Collectibles are generally sorted by when they are able to be acquired at the earliest convenient moment, without going out of the way from what the plot intends, unless the relevant area is easily available and not visited at all, and without abusing exploits or bugs.

In several instances chest contents where changed or swapped around in the Final Mix version compared to the original, particularly those containing Dalmatians, but also several gummi blocks and accessories. If a specific chest has two different items listed, then the first can only be found in the original version, and the latter only in the Final Mix version.

Dive to the Heart

Area Item How to obtain
Potion Follow the tutorial instructions after reaching the third station, then simply pick up the dropped Potion after destroying the large crate.

Destiny Islands

Area Item How to obtain
Seashore Potion Gained as a reward by defeating Riku, as well as defeating Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus in a single fight.
Gained as a reward from Kairi after collecting all the required items. Note that the reward gets downgraded into a Potion, or even nothing at all, if you talk to her prior to collecting all items and answer anything but "It's all under control."
Cove Pretty Stone Received as a reward everytime you beat Riku in a race.
Cove Protect Chain In the cove area is a wooden crate next to the watchtower. Lift it up and drop it below the cave entrance in the cliff wall on the left of the tower, then jump on-top and enter it to find a chest.

Traverse Town

Postcards are collectible items in Kingdom Hearts, found scattered throughout Traverse Town. They can be placed in the large red mailbox in the First District for various prizes, with ten postcards resulting in ten prizes in total. They can be collected and traded in in any order, but several are only available after specific events are cleared.

Area Item How to obtain
Item Shop Postcard Attack the ceiling fan in the Item Shop once or twice to receive the item.
Accessory Shop Mythril Shard Inside a chest on a shelf next to the counter inside Cid's Accessory Shop.
First District Postcard Head up the stairs past the Accessory Shop and turn right to find a bunch of crates. Push the largest one against Cid's shop, then use it to reach the roof with the chest. The crate disappears later, but the chest can still be acquired using the High Jump ability later on.
Second District Postcard Inside a chest, atop the store awning immediately to the right upon entering the district. Can be reached by using the nearby corner lantern as a step-up to catch onto the awning, or later on with High Jump.
Mega-Potion Inside a chest on a ledge on the front side of the Gizmo Shop. Reach the ledge by heading to the structure's front door, then jump around the corner and use a mid-air attack to extend your distance and reach the chest.
Alleyway Potion Upon entering the alleyway, turn left, and left again, to find the chest placed among a few objects.
Pretty Stone Carry one of the crates next to the previous chest to the corner of the hotel building, then use it to climb onto the ledge next to the balcony for another chest.
Potion Located on the far-most balcony, can be reached after the previous item by jumping across each balcony.
Green Room Elixir Available after fighting Leon, talk to Yuffie to learn about locks, then open the chest on the table
Mythril In the same room, hit the green clock above the door leading into the Red Room until a reward sound is heard, which signifies the reveal of a chest on-top of the dresser on the other side of the room.
First District Mega-Potion Only obtainable prior to entering the Third District after fighting Leon, talk to Aerith for a free Mega-Potion.
Postcard After the fight with Leon, examine the blue safe nearby the door leading to the Second District.
First District Elixir Only obtainable by defeating Leon, but is not actually given to you until after defeating the Guard Armor boss, after which Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith gift it to you along with 500 munny.
Postcard Inside a chest on a balcony above the cafe in the First District, requires the use of Trinity Jump.
Red Room Pretty Stone In a chest inside the Hotel's Red Room.
Second District Mythril Shard Inside a chest on-top of a roof overlooking the alley to the Third District. Reach the roof by using the Gizmo Shop's exit, then climbing the ladder, from there jump across the rooftops to reach it. The ladder is present earlier, but only available to be climbed after beating Guard Armor.
Third District Postcard Found by examining a seemingly empty corner on a balcony in the Third District, which is reached by jumping through a hole in a wall above the rooftops in the Second District, where you found the previous item.
First District Defense Up Available after acquiring Blizzard from Wonderland, use it to extinguish all four candles in the café in time to unlock the nearby chest on the window ledge.
Alleyway no. 4, 5, 6 Only accessible after using Trinity Charge on the red Trinity Mark inside the alley in First District, which unlocks a shortcut to the Alleyway.
Secret Waterway no. 10, 11, 12 Only accessible after using Trinity Charge in the Alleyway to enter the Secret Waterway, located in a chest near the stairs.
Gizmo Shop Postcard ×2 Use Thunder on the exposed wiring in Third District, then use the moved platforms in the Gizmo Shop to activate the three buttons on the upper walkways. Examine the clock in the center of the room after it stops moving to obtain two Postcards.
Item Workshop no. 7, 8, 9 Inside the left chest on a table in the Item Workshop.
Mythril Shard Inside the right chest on a table in the Item Workshop.
Postcard Examine the note on the wall behind the left-most Moogle.
Geppetto's House Postcard Available after clearing Monstro, examine the last item on the shelf.
Wishing Star Inside the only chest in the house.
Magician's Study Spellbinder Talk to Merlin after learning all types of magic.
Magician's Study no. 1, 2, 3 Available after acquiring Glide, use it to reach the chest in the distance behind Merlin's house.

Postcard prizes

Area Item How to obtain
First District Cottage Received after sending in your first postcard.
Mythril Shard Received after sending in your second postcard.
Mega-Potion Received after sending in your third postcard.
Mega-Ether Received after sending in your fourth postcard.
Mythril Received after sending in your fifth postcard.
Elixir Received after sending in your sixth postcard.
Megalixir Received after sending in your seventh postcard.
Orichalcum Received after sending in your eight postcard.
Defense Up
Received after sending in your ninth postcard.
Power Up
Defense Up
Received after sending in your tenth postcard.

Puppy rewards

Area Item How to obtain
Dalmatians' House Curaga-G Requires 12 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Firaga-G Requires 21 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Thundara-G Requires 30 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Mythril Shard Requires 42 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Torn Page
Requires 51 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita. (Both items are received.)
Megalixir Requires 60 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Orichalcum Requires 72 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Ultima-G Requires 81 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Tech Boost
Requires 90 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita.
Power of wind
Full Gummi block set
Requires 99 puppies to be returned to Pongo and Perdita. (Both are received.)


Area Item How to obtain
Rabbit Hole Camping Set Only available prior to presenting the evidence, return to the first area from the Bizarre Room and defeat all the enemies to cause a chest to spawn.
Lotus Forest Camping Set Gift an Ether to the first red flower on the right for a Camping Set.
Hi-Potion Gift a potion to the yellow flower on the right side, past the red one, for a Hi-Potion.
Footprints Piece of evidence, located behind the tall gras on the right, next to the yellow flower.
Camping Set Gift another Ether to the second red flower on the other side of the forest for another Camping Set.
Antenna Second piece of evidence, on-top of a platform next to the boulder blocking the passage to the Tea Party Garden, at the other side of the forest.
Atop the previous item's platform, look along the right wall to spot a blue chest, you can just barely reach the platform by jumping off the edge.
no. 16, 17, 18 Inside a chest on a platform in the center of the room.
Bizarre Room Stench Climb the platforms in the forest to find a gap into a tree trunk, which drops you above the stove in the Bizarre Room with an evidence box nearby.
Claw Marks Inside the Lotus Forest, approach the yellow flower that offers to make you grow and trade it the required potion, then step onto the tree stump, which causes a platform to appear. Hit the hazelnut off the tree branch, and the tree itself, and eat it to shrink again. Next, climb up the new platform to enter a passage in the wall to end up in the Bizarre Room again. You will land atop a faucet, with the evidence box on a nearby shelf, which you can just barely reach with a jump.
Defense Up Climb the platforms in the forest, then use the tree branch, after rotating it once, to reach another hole in the wall behind it that leads to the wall above the bed in the Bizarre Room. In here, light the first sconce to cause the chest with the Defense Up to pop out of the wall decoration.
Mythril Shard On the same wall, hit the shelf with the teddy bear to make it fall down, and turn a book three dimensional. Read it after growing to your full size to obtain the Shard inside of it.
Lotus Forest Hi-Potion On the same wall as where the previous items were acquired, light the second sconce to fill in the painting, then examine it to enter a secret area. In here, give a Potion to the right flower for a Hi-Potion.
Mythril Shard Inside the same secret area, give an Elixir to the left flower for a Hi-Potion.
Mega-Potion In Lotus Forest use the growth flower to return to your full size and then push the new rock into the pond, letting you access a new area that was previously inaccessible. Shrink back down to enter it, then give a Hi-Potion to the red flower for a Mega-Potion.
Queen's Castle no. 58, 59, 60
After the first bossfight, return to the Bizarre Room through the same hole used to find the Claw Marks' evidence box. This time you will land atop the wall, where you must hit the faucet to cause a pot on the floor to turn 3D. Enter it to end up in the Queen's Castle, atop a hedge with the chest.
no. 13, 14, 15
Enter the area that became accessible after pushing the rock and go through the passage in the wall to land on-top of the hedge in the corner of Queen's Castle with another chest.
Tea Party Garden Potion Only accessible after Alice has been kidnapped, sit on each of the chairs around the table to cause enemies or items to spawn. Going counterclockwise, starting at the painting, the first chair on its left (green man's side) releases a Potion, and several HP orbs.
Potion The next chair drops another Potion, and MP orbs.
Ether The next chair drops an Ether, and more MP orbs.
Potion The center chair spawns enemies, but the one next to it drops a Potion and munny
Elixir The following chair spawns enemies again, but the last one drops orbs of all kinds, and an Elixir.
Dark Matter
Earlier you could light several lamps on the wall of the Bizarre Room, while here you could also hit the shelf with the teddy bear, which caused it to drop down. While at full size, move the teddy bear, then move the clock after it pops out of the wall. Shrink yourself, then go through the hole that was hidden behind it to emerge on the balcony in the garden.
Queen's Castle no. 13, 14, 15
While on the ceiling of the Bizarre Room, head for the latch on the far side of the wall from the entrance you used, which leads to the hedge in the Queen's Castle room with another chest.
Bizarre Room Mythril Shard
Potion ×2
Lighting the lamps on the ceiling will also turn one of the flowers on the floor 3D, which when examined will drop several items and health orbs.
Rabbit Hole Mega-Potion Only available after presenting the evidence and prior to rescuing Kairi, return to the first area from the Bizarre Room and defeat all the enemies to cause a chest to spawn.
Lotus Forest Shell-G
After acquiring Thunder from Olympus Coliseum, use it on the arch-shaped plant in in the area on the left side, which requires two small platforms to be climbed to enter.
no. 58, 59, 60
After acquiring Thunder from Olympus Coliseum, use it on the arch-shaped plant in the secret area with the White Trinity (accessible after lighting the second sconce and entering the painting on the wall).
Lotus Forest Orichalcum After acquiring Glide, climb the platforms in the forest nearest the entrance to Queen's Castle, then glide to the one in the other corner, above the pond, for a chest.
Tea Party Garden no. 19, 20, 21
After the previous item, head through the nearby passage to emerge on a hedge, facing a chest.
no. 19, 20, 21
Opposite the previous item.
Mythril Opposite the previous item as well, on a hedge you can reach with Glide.
Rabbit Hole Megalixir Only available after rescuing Kairi, return to the first area from the Bizarre Room and defeat all the enemies to cause a chest to spawn.

Olympus Coliseum

Area Item How to obtain
Coliseum Gates Mega-Potion Inside a chest, behind the columns to the left of the lobby entrance.
Requires Blizzara, use the spell to extinguish all the braziers to cause a chest to spawn on the left side. Missable in the original version if you already acquired Blizzaga.
Shiva Belt
Requires Blizzaga, use the spell to extinguish all the braziers to cause a chest to spawn on the right side.
Orichalcum Inside a unique purple pot to the right of the lobby entrance, hidden behind the pillars. It only appears after completing the Hades Cup.

Deep Jungle

Area Item How to obtain
Tree House Mega-Potion In a chest, on-top of the net hanging underneath the Tree House, near the base of the tree.
Protera Chain
Protect Chain
On-top of the roof of the Tree House, reach this area by jumping on-top of the broken staircase and then following the walkway around the side of the house until you reach a ladder that leads to the top.
Mythril Located inside the rowboat that can be seen hanging from the slanted crow's nest. Reachable by jumping off of the roof, using consecutive mid-air attacks to gain enough distance forwards to land inside.
Tunnel Mega-Ether In a chest on the platform above the save point.
Camp Ether Examine the clothesline, then examine the globe next to the tent for the second note. Afterwards head for the table with the chemistry objects and examine them, you need to have a Potion, which you then have to ice (using Blizzard), which results in one Ether.
Ether ×2 After producing a single Ether, examine the gramophone for the third research note. Repeat the experiment, which results in two Ethers now.
Hi-Potion Examine the grandfather clock, next examine the flagpole. Afterwards examine the stove in the camp, which results in losing a spare Potion. Light the stove using Fire to receive a Hi-Potion in return.
Tent Mythril Shard Inside the tent.
Hippos' Lagoon no. 25, 26, 27 In a chest at the far end of the lagoon.
Mega-Potion On-top of a tree, on the left side of the lagoon, reachable by a series of simple jumps across two other trees.
On-top of a tall tree on the right side of the lagoon, reachable by following a longer series of trees across from the previous chest. Mid-air attacks can help in gaining enough extra distance to cross the longest jump.
Vines Mythril On the third platform, reachable by swinging across the vines.
Vines 2 no. 28, 29, 30 Reachable by using the vines to swing to the platform in the distance, from where you can jump to the one with the chest.
Cliffs Mega-Potion On-top of a taller cliff, reached by climbing a vine.
Mythril Shard Next to the previous item.
Waterfall Cavern Mythril Shard Upon entering, in a chest on a platform at the other end.
no. 31, 32, 33
On a smaller ledge opposite the previous item.
Mythril Shard On the higher platform above the Shard chest, opposite and diagonally above the chest with the puppies.
Orichalcum On the platform opposite the previous item, can be reached by using a vine to climb across the wall.
Jungle Slider AP Up
Collect all ten fruits on the first course.
Collect all twenty fruits on the first and second courses.
Dark Matter
Collect all thirty fruits on the first, second, and third courses.
Defense Up Collect all fourty fruits on the first, second, third, and fourth courses.
Power Up Collect all fifty fruits on all five courses.

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