Welcome to the Tutorials here at The Keyhole. Many of them you will find useful for getting yourself set up or getting in contact with people who can help you do so. All the tutorials here are ranked on their ease of use/reading as well as how long you might spend doing them. If you're looking for a challenge, try the orange or red tutorials; if you just want to get yourself going, try a green tutorial instead.

Remember that if you have questions about specific tutorials, or wish to add a tutorial to the list, it is best to direct them towards an active staff member.

Talk bubbles

How to make a talk bubble, so you can elegantly and expressively communicate with other Wiki-goers!


Making a signature so everyone can always tell who you are!


If you want to make a friendship userbox or just learn the ropes on adding and using these, this is your spot.

User Infoboxes

An infobox is a great way to show people who you are in an elegant fashion, such as done here.

Userspace and Subpages

What if you just need your own sandbox or a page to call your own?

User Talk page Archiving

In order to keep your talk page clean and neat, you may want to consider archiving it and building an archive template to keep that organized.

Navigation bars

When you have trouble managing all your user subpages, sometimes you just need a navigation bar.


If you're looking for a project to help out the Keyhole, why not take a crack at converting images?
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