The Kingdom Hearts Wiki relies heavily on different media to further improve delivery of information to its readers. Below is the Wiki's policy on media files, including Uploading and Usage. Due to certain copyright laws, it is encouraged that these guidelines are followed when uploading these type of media in the Wiki.

For the guide on uploading and related markup, see Help:Images and Help:Editing.


  • Any files uploaded should serve a purpose. If no page uses them in any way, the file will be deleted.
  • Please use the Upload form to upload single files, or Multiple Upload form for multiple files. The same directions apply.
  • Select the correct license in the upload form. Images with incorrect licenses will be revised and/or deleted.
  • Place images in the proper category(s). uncategorized images will be revised and/or deleted.
  • Sharing sites which offer copyright infringement content is not allowed.
  • Remember that Wikia is not a free personal hosting site, web storage facility, or image repository.


  • Only non-free images, released by the copyright holder, are allowed.
  • Limit non-free images to sizes of less than 2MB, and resolutions less than 800x800.
  • .png is a preferred still image format, as it employs lossless data compression, does not lose quality over time, and allows for transparency.
  • Non-free images unrelated to Kingdom Hearts and free-use images should be uploaded to an external image hosting website.
  • No non-free images, or portions thereof, should be used excessively outside of articlespace.


  • Sound files uploaded to the wiki must have .ogg formatting; .wav and .mp3, among others, are not allowed.
  • Only music samples related to Kingdom Hearts are allowed for upload.
  • Music samples should be no longer than 30 seconds and of no greater quality than 80kbps.
  • Official game soundtracks are prohibited. This constitutes major copyright infringements.


  • To display original images or videos on your user pages, please use the {{video}} template, as opposed to uploading them straight to the wiki.