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Welcome to the Keyhole's version of Jiminy's Journal (not to be confused with the real deal). We will try our best to record what goes on around here on this page and the main page. All major Keyhole and Kingdom Hearts related events will be listed here. Only the Keyhole's Staff may add entries to the Jiminy's Journal. The executive editor is Aixon.

If you have a piece of news you think we should write about, leave a message on this page.

  • Staff, when adding a entry, please add a creative title to the entry, along with the date. The format on writing an entry can be found below:
    • ===''TITLE HERE'' <small><small>(DATE HERE<sup>st/nd/rd</sup>)</small></small>===
      -- ~~~~
  • Staff, also be sure to update the Recent News template too, after writing an entry.
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