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The Kingdom Hearts Wiki's IRC channel is the wiki's main mode of socializing. It is used for chit-chat and is also a different and quicker way to notify a staff member about a problem with the wiki. It also, if possible, should be used for socialization with other users rather than through the use of users' talk pages.

The topic range for the #wikia-kingdomhearts channel is very broad. The channel is not restricted to Kingdom Hearts talk. Discussions can relate to anything from one's favorite character, to a more off-topic subject like how one's day has been. Discussions about the wiki and Kingdom Hearts are also welcome, though.


  1. Assume good faith - The channel does not exist for bullying, harassment or any kind of actions to let people down. Continuous breaking of this rule will lead to a ban. Also, if any user is expressing that your behaviour is annoying, you are expected to respect their wishes and stop.
    1. This rule is not to be abused, and abusing it is a bannable offence. Make a legitimate claim, don't use this as an "I win" -card.
  2. Spoiler policy applies on the channel too - The wiki's spoiler policy applies on the channel as well, and spoiling parts of KHUX can result in a ban/mute.
  3. English is the language of the channel - While common abbreviations and internet slang are allowed, you are expected to use English to your best ability. Consistently using any other language can result in you getting muted (e.g. public conversations in another language).
  4. Do not spam/flood/advertise on the channel - Spamming and flooding is extremely annoying and can result in you getting muted/banned and in the worst case, banned from the whole freenode network if network staff deems it severe enough. Also, do not advertise any non-KH related sites without a permission from an OP.
  5. Language - The channel is also used by very young people and as such, any content should be PG-rated at most. We do not prohibit cursing but excessive cursing can result in a temporary mute. Any non-PG content must be behind links with a warning that the content is not suitable for younger people.
  6. No worshipping the rules - While these guidelines are expected to be used to keep the channel in peace, repeated abuse and/or citation of them to interfere with the mood of the channel is not advised. If no disruption is being made, then go with the flow.

Opinions and suggestions are still welcome here. The mute mentioned in rules 2, 3, 5 and 6 is a personal mute and doesn't affect the whole channel. You can stay, but not talk.

A note about Rule 4: This only applies to deliberate advertising, when the purpose of the message is to clearly advertise a site. Posting links to pictures, videos, fanfic stories etc. stays allowed.


Web client

  • Wikia has a CGI:IRC gateway for our channel that lets you join the chat room from a normal web page. Just put in your username and choose "#wikia-kingdomhearts" from the drop-down list. Note: The Wikia CGI:IRC gateway has been unreliable recently and users are advised to find alternatives.



  • Freenode's webchat is a more convenient web client. Simply type in your nick and "#wikia-kingdomhearts" in the channel box.

As of June 19th 2009 Freenode's server is no longer available via Mibbit.


  • mIRC is the classic Windows IRC client. The main drawbacks of mIRC are the fact that it's not free and that the configuration options are more extensive than a lot of users are used to. (Full UTF-8 support for versions 7.00 and above - see below)
  • Trillian handles IRC. It's a little complicated to set up, but if you don't want to use the very easy CGI:IRC linked by Angela, then Trillian is a handy program to have anyway for the other things it does. (No UTF-8 support - see below)
  • Miranda IM - a multi-client, like Trillian, but rather minimalist and open source. (UTF-8 support requires patching - see below)


  • Pidgin is a multi-client that comes preinstalled with several Linux distributions.
  • Kopete is a multi-client, the KDE counterpart of Gaim.
  • Konversation is a KDE application with interface similar to X-Chat; it is an IRC-only client.
  • irssi is an IRC-only client that uses a text-mode user interface.
  • BitchX is an IRC-only console application client.
  • EPiC is an IRC-only client for Unix systems that is descended from the ircII client, it uses a text-mode user interface.


  • Snak handles IRC rather nicely, and is one of the few Mac-only clients that still work flawlessly.
  • X-Chat Aqua is a full featured IRC client for OS X that is easy to setup and use.
  • Colloquy is an open-source IRC, SILC and ICB client for Mac OS X.


  • Opera web browser has a built-in IRC client.
  • ChatZilla is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • JWChat - had some script errors in Firefox, but clicked "Stop script" and it worked fine after that.
  • X-Chat is perhaps the most well-known IRC client for Linux, included into nearly every distribution, which has recently grown in popularity on Windows as well. Note that the official Windows version (as opposed to Linux) is shareware, but unofficial free Windows builds are available, for example, here.

Setup instructions

To log in, you need to configure your client. After you log in, it is rather straightforward. The parameters are:

  • Server:
  • Channel: #wikia-kingdomhearts (note the correct spelling)

Most IRC clients, in particular mIRC, Miranda and X-Chat, have "Freenode" in the default network list, you only need to select it. After you are connected to the server, type /join #wikia-kingdomhearts in the reply box and press Enter.

Custom instructions for specific clients to come.


The #wikia-kingdomhearts channel uses the UTF-8 encoding, just like the Wiki proper. This should not pose a problem with English, as UTF-8 is backwards compatible with ASCII-127, but non-Latin scripts (such as Greek or Cyrillic) may be rendered improperly in UTF-8-incapable clients.

Common commands

All commands must be prefixed with a forward slash (/).

  • /nick new-nick-here: changes your nickname.
  • /query nick-here message-here: sends a private message to the specified nick. Starts a "PM", also known as a "Query".
  • /ignore nick-here: ignores any message the specified nick sends.
  • /join #channel-here: join another channel. Only works with other channels on the current network.
  • /quit message-here: quits IRC and leaves a message.
  • /part #channel-here message-here: leaves only the current channel.
  • /clear: clears the current log. Useful if your chat window begins to lag.
  • /ns ghost yourpassword: "ghosts" or logs off a nick. Useful when you suddenly get logged off and see your old nick online when you log back on.

OP commands

  • /topic new-topic-here: allows the topic to be modified.
  • /kick nick-here message-here: kicks the specified nick out of the channel, displaying for them the message specified.
  • /mode #wikia-kingdomhearts +b nick!ident@host: bans a specific user from joining the channel.
  • /mode #wikia-kingdomhearts +q nick!ident@host: Mutes a specific user from the channel, preventing them from talking.
  • /mode #wikia-kingdomhearts +m: Mutes the channel, only OPs and voiced users can talk.
  • /cs op #wikia-kingdomhearts: Activates your OP functions. Remember to deactivate them after there's no need to use them.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Further information can be found by typing /help or on this website.



Link to the Keyhole Discord Channel.

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