Each month, the staff of the Keyhole will select an exceptional example of media to be featured on the main page. So, what makes a bit of media eligible for nomination? Here are the guidelines:

  • The media should represent and support the article or articles it appears in. A full-body shot focusing on one character is better than a blurry screen capture where the character is in the image, but not the focus, for example. Orphan media not linked to an article or non-Kingdom Hearts materials that appear on User pages is not eligible.
  • Only accepted files extensions are eligible for use. This means that only media that are .png, .gif or .ogg in format are eligible for featured media.
  • The media should be appropriately high-quality. Images should be of good resolution with minimal or no artifacting, but not absurdly large. Sound clips should be clear and easy to hear, but not excessively long.
  • The media, like all things on the wiki, should be from official or officially-verified sources. No fan art, no matter how awesome.
  • The media nominated must be hosted on this wiki. Items hosted elsewhere, such as YouTube clips, are ineligible.
  • The media must meet guidelines for fair-use. A thirty-second sample of "Simple and Clean" is fine; the entire song uploaded to the wiki is not.
  • The media must be correctly named and categorized, as according to our categorizing and naming policies.
  • After the winning media is announced, any media in that category becomes ineligible for nominations for the next two months. Currently ineligible category is "Music".

Staff, when adding new Featured Media, remember to update this page (the currently ineligible categories and the previously featured list below), the Featured Media template and tag the chosen file with the Featured Media icon.

The following are media that have already been chosen by editors as quality examples:

Album Covers









Dream Eaters





Sanctuary -AftertheBattle
Sanctuary - January 2011
Destiny Islands -KH1-
Destiny Islands - October 2011
Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening- KH3D
Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening- - April 2015
The Silent Forest
The Silent Forest - March 2016
A Fight to the Death
A Fight to the Death - January 2017