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The Keyhole is a Wiki focusing on the Kingdom Hearts video game series, developed by Square Enix in cooperation with Disney. This Wiki archives extensive Kingdom Hearts knowledge in an attempt to document all things related to the series. This includes characters, storylines, gameplay, and a lot more—even including real-world references.

In February 2019, a new community arose within the wiki following years of stagnation and inactivity. The new leadership brought fresh blood to the wiki with knowledge, information, and a new vision.


This Wiki was originally founded back in 2006.

Wiki wide

The Keyhole's former banner. The original characters of the Kingdom Hearts series.

  • Started: April 1, 2006
  • Original Name: Kingdom Hearts Wiki
  • Founder: Riku5464

The wiki in 2011 was forked. Wikia/Fandom had imposed numerous features that members found dissatisfactory. They objected and moved onto another wiki.

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