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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Gummiship Studio is an arcade style game made for Facebook by Square Enix used as a promotion for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Gummiship Studio is an arcade style game. The purpose of the game is to pop the same-colored Gummis and to achieve the target score to advance. There are five colored boxes: blue, red, orange, green and black.

Special Gummis

  • KeybladeRCOGS.png Keyblade: Eliminates a single Gummi.
  • ChangeGummiRCOGS.png Change Gummi: Interchanges two vertically aligned Gummis (the cursor is on the bottom.)
  • ThunderGummiRCOGS.png Thunder Gummi: Eliminates a single column of Gummis.
  • MeteorGummiRCOGS.png Meteor Gummi: Eliminates all Gummis as the color of the Gummis where the cursor is set.
  • CrossGummiRCOGS.png Cross Gummi: Change the surrounding Gummis (above/below/left/right) to the color of the center Gummi.


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