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Kingdom Hearts Official Strategy Guide
BradyGames (US)
Author Dan Birlew
Release Date September 11, 2002
Pages 238

The BradyGames Kingdom Hearts Official Strategy Guide is the first in BradyGames line of Kingdom Hearts strategy guides. This strategy guide contains the most detailed walkthrough of the BradyGames' strategy guides. BradyGames also published the strategy guides for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts II.


  • Full walkthrough of game.
  • Location of all 99 Puppies.
  • Locations for all Trinity Marks.
  • Information on all characters, summons, and weapons.
  • Tips on how to beat the Hades Cup.
  • Secrets to the game.
  • How to unlock the bonus ending.


  • Several maps list the wrong treasures.
  • There is no centralized location covering the magic upgrades.
  • In the Heartless and other Adversaries section, the Wight Knight and Yellow Opera are listed as bosses.
  • In the same section, Riku's Keyblade-wielding form shows him wielding the Soul Eater, and his sword-wielding form shows him wielding the Keyblade.
  • In the section covering Sephiroth, it lists him saying "Sin Harvest" for his Heartless Angel attack.
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