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Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash is a "match three"-style Internet game on used for promoting Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


Gameplay of Magical Puzzle Clash.

At the beginning, the player can choose to play as Roxas, Axel, or Xion. There are five worlds (mistakenly called "Realms") that the player must battle their way through: Agrabah, Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, Beast's Castle, and Neverland. At the beginning of each world, the player is told "Heartless are attacking, you must defeat them!"

There are five battles per world, with the fifth battle being a Boss Battle. The battles end whenever the Heartless's or the Player's HP reaches 0. The Heartless's HP is depleted by matching blocks of identical color in sets of three or more, while the Player's HP decreases when the opponent makes matches. Matching more than three blocks creates "Power Ups" that can destroy whole rows or cross sections. The Player's maximum HP will match the opponents maximum HP, except for boss battles. Both the player and the Heartless can use spell blocks, which can hinder their opponent or help themselves. As the game progresses, opponents will be able to use the more powerful spells, forcing the player to become better at using spells.

Power Ups

There are three types of Power Up in the game. Each character has a specific Power Up that is available only to them to go along with two Power Ups that are available to all characters. A Power Up is activated by switching it with another token.

Name Description Notes
Row Destroyer Destroys the row that it is moved into. Created by matching 4 tokens at once.
Crossroad Destroyer Destroys the row and column that it it moved into. Created by matching 5 or more tokens at once.
Roxas's Power Up Destroys all tokens on the board that match its color. Available to Roxas only.
Axel's Power Up Destroys several random tokens at once. Available to Axel only.
Xion's Power Up Changes the color and shape of the tokens. Available to Xion only.


Name Description Notes
Slow Opponent's tokens move slower
Blind A hovering cloud blocks the opponent's view. Only visible tokens may be swapped
Block A cap appears on the upper part of the board, temporarily preventing new tokens from falling into play
Confusion All tokens change color but only in appearance. You can no longer tell which is which
Remedy Removes a harmful opponent’s spell Only removes the most recently cast spell
Freeze Freeze a certain amount of tokens on your opponents' board Frozen tokens may still be used as normal, just not swapped
Remove Spell Removes a randomly chosen spell from your opponent's spell bar
Randomizer Several tokens on the opponent's board are swapped at random Each cast of this spell randomizes the opponent's board three times
Petrify Several Tokens on your opponents board are turned to useless stones The stones can only be removed by getting them to the bottom of the board or casting Remedy
Silence Prevents your opponent from casting spells Only applies to spells that the opponent has when Silence is cast
Remove Removes all power ups from your opponents board
Thunder Reduce a small amount of the enemys hit points
Blizzara Reduce a moderate amount of the enemys hit points
Firaga Reduce a huge amount of the enemys hit points
Cure Heal a small amount of hit points
Cura Heal a moderate amount of hit points
Curaga Heal a huge amount of hit points




Olympus Coliseum


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