Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide
BradyGames (US)
Piggyback Interactive (UK)
Author Elizabeth Hollinger with Matt Berner, David Cassady & Greg Sepelak
Release Date March 27, 2006 (US)
September 27, 2006 (UK)
Pages 352 pages (US)
252 pages (UK)

The Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide, (named The Complete Guide for the UK), is an accompanying guide for Kingdom Hearts II.

Product Description

US Version

The Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide was made by BradyGames, who also published guides for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. BradyGames released two versions of this guide, a standard edition and a limited edition version. The limited edition comes boxed in a hardcover/cardboard jacket that houses both the Official Strategy Guide and Jiminy's Journal.

There are four different cover versions for the limited edition Official Strategy Guide and each cover version features an illustration of Sora in one of his four different Drive Forms - Valor (red themed), Wisdom (blue themed), Master (yellow themed), and Final (black and white themed).

The Official Strategy Guide includes a gallery containing 3D maps for every area in the game, as well as lists covering the stats for each character and their abilities, the Keyblades, armor, and accessories, the consumable items and synthesis materials, the spells and summons, the Gummi blocks and mission rewards, as well as the stats for every enemy and their attacks.

However, the guide's storyline walkthrough is essentially bare-bones, with the section for a world sometimes covering nothing but the boss battles. For example, the coverage for each Coliseum Cup only contains general tips for obeying the rules of that cup, rather than coverage of each round. Additionally, the locations for all of the treasure chests in a world are covered in the beginning of a world's section, with the name of the treasure pinpointed on a 2-D map of the area.

Jiminy's Journal is an illustrated compilation of the material contained within the game's Jiminy's Journal. The Journal also includes a sticker sheet for marking each journal entry that has also been obtained in the game.

The guide featured a fold-out poster with Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their different forms from Atlantica, Halloween Town, Space Paranoids, Timeless River, and The Pride Lands. The reverse side featured a Gummi Ship flight plan containing basic strategies and tips for the Gummi Ship missions and a lists of the rewards.

UK Version

The Kingdom Hearts II Official Strategy Guide for the United Kingdom was made by Piggyback Interactive, known for covering Square Enix properties. In development for seven months, Piggyback boasted its guide contained "original and exclusive artwork", however the final guide did not contain it.


  • Page 9: The Kingdom Key's stats under the "Keyblades" section are incorrectly labeled with 1 Strength and 3 Magic.
  • Page 29: Jack Skellington's weapon was incorrectly labeled as the Scimitar. Additionally, the rest of his "Starting Stats" section appears to be that of Aladdin's. Also, Auron's "Other Bonuses & Upgrades" section is directly underneath Jack's by mistake.
  • Page 31: Tron's Setup Limit is incorrectly named "Tron's Pride".
  • Page 125: The guide lists Jasmine as a "Princess of Light", rather than a "Princess of Heart".
  • Page 267: The guide has the information for the Lightning Gem under Lightning Crystal and visa versa.
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