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The Kingdom Hearts II manga is based on the second video game, Kingdom Hearts II.

The series was released as ten volumes in Japan by Gangan Comics. The first two volumes were originally translated into English by Tokyopop before they lost rights to it. The volumes were then re-released and the series completed as a four volume omnibus by Yen Press.


Volume One

A young boy named Roxas whiles away the last days of his summer vacation with his three best friends in their quiet little home of Twilight Town. But all is not as it should be in this hamlet nestled between night and day. Strange things keep happening around Roxas, which always seem to involve mysterious creatures...and he is plagued by dreams of a boy named Sora, whom he has never met. Bewildered, Roxas searches for answers . . . Will they lead him to Sora, Donald, and Goofy?

  • Chapter 1: Twilight Town
  • Chapter 2: Intruders
  • Chapter 3: Sea Salt Ice Cream
  • Chapter 4: The Distant Sound of Waves
  • Chapter 5: No. XIII
  • Chapter 6: A Letter With No Addressee
  • Chapter 7: What I Want to Know
  • Chapter 8: The Time Has Come
  • Chapter 9: Shattered
  • Chapter 10: Tears of a Nobody
  • Chapter 11: Putting the Twilight Behind Us
  • Chapter 12: The Key that Will Open the Door to Light
  • Chapter 13: Hollow Bastion! Team, Assemble!
  • Chapter 14: Meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club
  • Chapter 15: Enchanted Prince
  • Chapter 16: A Sad Choice
  • Chapter 17: A Heartless Beast
  • Chapter 18: Where Love Is

Volume Two

Sora, Donald, and Goofy have set off to find Riku and Mickey, reuniting with old friends and making new ones along the way. But the Heartless are back, and Sora has to contend with a new enemy-the mysterious Organization XIII. Meanwhile, Riku, Naminé, and Axel are trying to solve some mysteries of their own...What is the organization's ultimate goal? Will Sora ever see Riku and Kairi again...?

  • Chapter 19: What Become of the Researcher Vexen
  • Chapter 20: To the Front
  • Chapter 21: Beneath the Snow
  • Chapter 22: One Bad Dude
  • Chapter 23: It's Tough to Be a Hero
  • Chapter 24: Underworld Rhapsody
  • Chapter 25: Let the Games Begin! The Hades Cup
  • Chapter 26: Follow Your Heart
  • Chapter 27: Castle of Thorns
  • Chapter 28: The Castle in Crisis and the Mysterious Door
  • Chapter 29: Regain the Glory!
  • Chapter 30: Days Gone By
  • Chapter 31: Step Out
  • Chapter 32: Find the Genie!
  • Chapter 33: Battle for the Lamp
  • Chapter 34: Kairi-napped!
  • Chapter 35: The Trophy for the Strongest
  • Chapter 36: Traces of a Friend
  • Chapter 37: Plastic Friend

Volume Three

When Roxas disappeared, Sora awakened from his deep slumber along with his allies, Donald and Goofy. Now the trio continues its mission to save the worlds fromt he forces of darkness and to find King Mickey and Sora's best friend Riku. But this time a new menage to the peace of Kingdom Hearts bears down on Dora and his friends--the Nobodies and Organization XIII!

  • Chapter 38: Bring Back the Happy Faces!
  • Chapter 39: Storm Ahead! Hollow Bastion
  • Chapter 40: Space Paranoids
  • Chapter 41: Minion Pete
  • Chapter 42: Find the Password!
  • Chapter 43: The Door to Darkness
  • Chapter 44: Mystery
  • Chapter 45: Make a Break for It!!
  • Chapter 46: The Real Ansem
  • Chapter 47: Unexpected Happenings
  • Chapter 48: Pursuers
  • Chapter 49: A Pressing Decision
  • Chapter 50: An Unfamiliar Name

Volume Four

Desperate to see Roxas again, Axel abandons everything--even Organization XIII and an old friend--to make his wish come true. What awaits him now that he has cut all ties...? Later, Sora, Donald, and Goofy storm the Organization XIII stronghold with one goal in mind--rescue the kidnapped Kairi! But by the time they get to her, this princess-in-distress might not need saving after all. Will they finally be able to make their dream of returning to Destiny Islands a reality? Sora's greatest adventure yet comes to a close!!

  • Chapter 51: Proof of Friendship
  • Chapter 52: The Other Twilight Town
  • Chapter 53: The Clock Tower
  • Chapter 54: Atonement
  • Chapter 55: Gratitude
  • Chapter 56: Blending Hearts
  • Chapter 57: Parting and Reunion
  • Chapter 58: Riku's Secret
  • Chapter 59: Riku's Secret, Part 2
  • Chapter 60: Doubt
  • Chapter 61: Role-Reversing Princess
  • Chapter 62: Revived Memories
  • Chapter 63: What the Heart Sees
  • Chapter 64: Odds of Winning
  • Chapter 65: The Reason I Fight
  • Chapter 66: The Foolish Scientist
  • Chapter 67: The Power of the Heart
  • Final Chapter: The Door to Light
  • Special Chapter: The Meaning of the Paopu Fruit


Alternate covers

Discontinued volumes

Kingdom Hearts II Tokyopop Edition

After the release of 2 volumes, Tokyopop lost the rights to the series and Kingdom Hearts II was never completed by them. Yen Press later gained the rights to the manga, re-released the first 2 volumes and completed the series.