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The Kingdom Hearts III light novel is based on the third video game, Kingdom Hearts III. The series was released as three volumes in Japan by Square Enix, and later translated into English by Yen Press.


Volume One

After losing his strength in the Mark of Mastery exam, Sora sets out on another quest with Donald and Goofy to find the power of waking before the final clash with Master Xehanort. Meanwhile, Riku journeys into the realm of darkness to find Aqua, beginning the search for the rest of the seven guardians of light, and Kairi and Lea continue their training. The final chapter of the Dark Seeker Saga is about to begin!


Chapter 1: Olympus
Chapter 2: Dark World
Chapter 3: Mysterious Tower
Chapter 4: Twilight Town
Chapter 5: Toy Box

Volume Two

As Sora's quest for the power of waking continues, his heart leads him and his pals to all kinds of worlds: the magical Kingdom of Corona, the frightening factory of Monstropolis, the familiar faces of the Hundred Acre Wood, and the frozen mountains of Arendelle. What kinds of new friends await him there?


Chapter 6: Kingdom of Corona
Chapter 7: Monstropolis
Chapter 8: 100 Acre Wood
Chapter 9: Arendelle

Volume Three

The final battle against Xehanort is nearly here, and Sora is running out of time to find the power of waking. After he, Riku, and Mickey finally bring back the last guardians of light, he’ll be ready to take on the mastermind behind it all and his new organization. But the battle ahead won’t be easy. Many of the guardians are fighting to regain something they’ve lost—while others still have much to lose.


Chapter 10: The Caribbean
Chapter 11: San Fransokyo
Chapter 12: Dark World
Chapter 13: A Short Rest
Chapter 14: The Final World
Chapter 15: Keyblade Graveyard
Chapter 16: The Skein of Severance
Chapter 17: Scala AD Caelum
Chapter 18: Re Mind


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