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The Kingdom Hearts III manga is based on the third video game, Kingdom Hearts III.

The series is currently ongoing and being simultaneously released by Gangan Comics in Japan and Yen Press in English.


Volume One

As the one chosen by the Keyblade, Sora travels once again with his friends Donald and Goofy to reclaim his lost power. The first stop-Olympus! Sora's hoping that his old friend Hercules might have a solution for him, but there seems to be some trouble brewing on top of the mountain. Little does he know he's not the only one searching for something...

  • Chapter 0: Prologue
  • Chapter 1: A New Departure
  • Chapter 2: Olympus Coliseum 1
  • Chapter 3: Olympus Coliseum 2
  • Chapter 4: Olympus Coliseum 3
  • Chapter 5: Olympus Coliseum 4
  • Chapter 6: Olympus Coliseum 5
  • Chapter 7: Olympus Coliseum 6
  • Chapter 8: Olympus Coliseum 7

Volume Two

As Sora continues his journey to regain his power, Yen Sid and the others turn their attention to finding the three lost Keyblade wielders. What happened to Aqua after she fell into the Realm of Darkness…?




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