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The cover of the Kingdom Hearts 3D Original Soundtrack

The 3-CD set original soundtrack was released on April 18, 2012, and contains all of the songs from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Unlike the previous soundtracks in the series, this set features Yoko Shimomura with composers Takeharu Ishimoto, and Tsuyoshi Sekito. On disc one, songs originally composed by Ishomoto from The World Ends with You are included on the soundtrack in the form of remixes he composed for Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance.

Track Title Length Artist Composer Sample
1"Dearly Beloved"2:43Kaoru WadaYoko Shimomura
Dearly Beloved KH3D
2"Storm Diver"2:38Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
Storm Diver KH3D
3"TWISTER -KINGDOM MIX-"4:50StephanieTakeharu Ishimoto
4"Traverse in Trance"4:55Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Traverse in Trance KH3D
5"Hand to Hand"2:32Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Hand to Hand KH3D
6"Dream Eaters"2:59Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Dream Eaters KH3D
7"CALLING -KINGDOM MIX-"4:05OLIVIATakeharu Ishimoto
8"UNTAMABLE"3:26Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
9"SOMEDAY -KINGDOM MIX-"4:54StephanieTakeharu Ishimoto
10"The World of Dream Drops"2:22Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
The World of Dream Drops KH3D
11"Le Sanctuaire"3:05Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Le Sanctuaire KH3D
12"Le Cloche"3:03Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
La Cloche KH3D
13"Sweet Spirits♡"1:33Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Sweet Spirits♡ KH3D
14"Majestic Wings"3:47Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
Majestic Wings KH3D
15"Ever After"2:18Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Ever After KH3D
16"Wild Blue"2:55Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
Wild Blue KH3D
Track Title Length Artist Composer Sample
1"Access the Grid"4:32Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
Access the Grid KH3D
2"Digital Domination"6:29Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
Digital Domination KH3D
3"The Nightmare"3:10Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
The Nightmare KH3D
4"Rinzler Recompiled"3:22Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Rinzler Recompiled KH3D
5"Keyblade Cycle"4:53Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
Keyblade Cycle KH3D
6"Gigabyte Mantis"3:44Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
Gigabyte Mantis KH3D
7"The Fun Fair"3:30Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
The Fun Fair KH3D
8"Prankster's Party"2:16Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Prankster's Party KH3D
9"Broken Reality"2:16Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Broken Reality KH3D
10"Ice-hot Lobster"3:14Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
Ice-hot Lobster KH3D
11"The Dream"2:01Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
The Dream KH3D
12"Ready to Rush"1:42Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
Ready to Rush KH3D
13"Dream Matchup"4:20Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
Dream Matchup KH3D
14"One for All"2:54Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
One for All KH3D
15"All for One"2:49Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
All for One KH3D
16"The Flick Finalist"2:48Takeharu IshimotoTakeharu Ishimoto
The Flick Finalist KH3D
17"Victor's Pride"1:27Tsuyoshi SekitoTsuyoshi Sekito
Victor's Pride KH3D
18"Xigbar"1:48Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Xigbar KH3D
19"Distant from You..."4:44Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Distant from You KH3D
20"Sacred Distance"3:45Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Sacred Distance KH3D
21"Deep Drop"3:34Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Deep Drop KH3D
Track Title Length Artist Composer Sample
1"L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto"4:34Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
L'Oscurità dell'Ignot KH3D
2"Xehanort - The Early Years"2:10Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Xehanort -The Early Years- KH3D
3"The Dread of Night"3:39Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
The Dread of Night KH3D
4"L'Eminenza Oscura I"4:12Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
L'Eminenza Oscura I KH3D
5"L'Eminenza Oscura II"4:21Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
L'Eminenza Oscura II KH3D
6"L'Impeto Oscuro"4:58Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
L'Impeto Oscuro KH3D
7"My Heart's Descent"3:03Tsuyoshi SekitoYoko Shimomura
My Heart's Descent KH3D
8"The Eye of Darkness"3:18Tsuyoshi SekitoYoko Shimomura
The Eye of Darkness KH3D
9"Link to All"2:38Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Link to All KH3D
10"Sora"2:30Yoko ShimomuraYoko Shimomura
Sora KH3D
11"Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening-" [1]8:57Kaodu WadaYoko Shimomura
Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening- KH3D
12"Symphony No.6 "Pastoral" Op.6"9:09Nobuko TodaLudwig van Beethoven
Symphony No.6 'Pastoral' Op.68 KH3D
13"L'Apprenti Sorcier"10:58Nobuko TodaPaul Dukas
L'Apprenti Sorcier KH3D
14"The Nutcracker Suite Op. 71"9:57Nobuko TodaPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
The Nutcracker Suite Op.71 KH3D
15"A Night on the Bare Mountain"4:19Nobuko TodaModest Mussorgsky
A Night on the Bare Mountain KH3D


  1. "Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening-" is a compilation of various melodies from the other songs within the Soundtrack. The most notable of these are "Hand to Hand", "All for One", "Dream Eaters", "Le Sanctuaire", and "Dearly Beloved".
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