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File:3d3.jpg|Sora battles a Twilight Thorn in the Second District of Traverse Town
File:3d3.jpg|Sora battles a Twilight Thorn in the Second District of Traverse Town
*This is the only [[Kingdom Hearts]] game that is realesed to a new console (The first Kingdom Hearts came 2 years after the PS2 was realesed)
==Notes and References==
==Notes and References==

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Kingdom Hearts 3D (tentative title) is a game in the Kingdom Hearts series slated to be released on the recently announced Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. It will connect to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts coded. Kingdom Hearts 3D will also feature new worlds. The "3D" part of the game's title, while tentative, will not stand for "Three Dimensional," but rather be an abbreviation for the game's subtitle.


It is known that the game is the next major release in the Kingdom Hearts series [1], and it will feature both Sora and Riku as playable characters, although using their Kingdom Hearts designs. Utilizing the 3DS's high-spec graphics processing, the game will have graphics that are near on-par with those of the PS2 titles, as well as making use of the system's 3D technology. [2]


The trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D begins with Sora and Riku sitting by a Paopu Tree on Destiny Islands. Riku then disappears in a flash of light. Sora begins to call out for his friend and searches for him around the island. The trailer then displays gameplay at this point, and Sora shown to be able to use the Glide ability.

The trailer reverts to another cutscene, with Riku waking up in Traverse Town. He walks into a courtyard only to be attacked by several Heartless, looking up into the sky to see several unconscious Soras raining down from above in an Awakening-like manner. One lands and summons the Keyblade, fighting off the Heartless while the trailer displays more gameplay. Twilight Thorn then rises from the ground, but before Sora has a chance to fight the foe, he snaps awake to find himself sitting next to Kairi near the Paopu Tree. The night sky is shown, and the game's logo appears on the screen at this point.







Notes and References

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