Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Official Strategy Guide
BradyGames (US)
Author Elizabeth Hollinger
Release Date December 3, 2004 (US)
Pages 141 pages (US)

Product description

The BradyGames Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories strategy guide is the second publication in BradyGames's Kingdom Hearts series of strategy guides, and was written by Elizabeth Hollinger. BradyGames also published the strategy guides for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts II.


  • Full walkthrough of Sora's story, with detail of most cutscenes.
  • Deck recipies.
  • Descriptions of all boss fights in Riku's story.
  • A section with checklists for all cards in the game, and also a cross-refferance to see where and when you can pick them up.
  • A section with checklists for all sleights in the game, showing what cards are required to make them and what the effect is.


  • Undetailed walkthrough of Riku's story. No detail is given other than a forward that talks about how Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion have noticed his presence and are planning to do something about it. Other than that, no detail is given about any of the cut scenes.
  • Often times, the reader is not given a clear picture as to what happened after each of the Organization boss fights. The next page simply starts the next floor. This is most apparent when the guide stops short after the Marluxia fight and goes straight to the section or Reverse/Rebirth. This, however, is most likely left out to give players incentive to finish the game.
  • Strategy for fighting Darkside usually doesn't work.


  • The strategy guide makes note in one section of how Deep Jungle is not present.
  • Due to artwork of Twilight Town and Castle Oblivion being non-existent, the two worlds' introductory page uses artwork from Deep Jungle.
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