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Killer Bee is a pair of Arrowguns that can be wielded by Xigbar in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Xigbar wields this weapon when he has the Skill Gear attached. It can be upgraded to Killer Bee+.


The body of a Killer Bee Arrowgun is roughly diamond-shaped with short spikes on each of its corners. It is black, save for the rear tip, which is gold. The barrel is gold, somewhat wide and short, and ends in an arrowhead-like tip. The handle is dark gold and the black guard is lined by six black diamonds, each with gold edges. Its rounds are blue and the diamonds flash this color when Xigbar reloads. The sparks they produce are blue when striking enemies, but gold when striking anything else.


A "Killer Bee" is an extremely dangerous type of insect, which will attack in a swarm if one happens to be killed (or merely irritated).


This weapon fires two rounds at a time, one from each arrowgun. The ground combo consists of four shots being fired two at a time and a 360 degree spin followed spin followed by Xigbar firing two more, slightly larger, rounds.

The aerial combo starts by firing two shots followed by a backflip and two slightly larger shots.

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