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Gameplay of Jungle Slider.

Jungle Slider is a minigame in Deep Jungle in both Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version. Although the minigame itself is playable while first experiencing the world's story, it only truly starts after sealing the Keyhole. It is accessed by jumping into the hollow tree trunk in the Tunnel area (with a convenient save point, since you must start from here for each attempt). Sora is always joined by Tarzan, who will sometimes destroy obstacles but otherwise serves no useful purpose. The player character has to collect as much red fruit as possible, while sliding down the tracks and avoiding obstacles.

In addition, the player is timed as the game is played. The Keyblade can be used occasionally to break any obstacles, although bumping into them only costs time and some Hit Points. You can also slow down and speed up, with the former being recommended to safely get all fruits. If you do speed up you will not be able to move sideways as much, so keep that in mind.

There are five areas, each with ten fruits, which must all be collected to unlock and advance to the next track. Each successfully completed track rewards the player with an item, up to five total. It is not possible to complete the minigame in one go, as each successive area is only available after replaying the minigame from the start. As such, you need to at minimum play the minigame a total of five times, once to get ten fruits, again to get twenty, again to get thirty, and so on. If you miss a fruit at any time you can restart through the menu. After completing a course you can also quickly head to the Camp's tent and use the save point there to exit the world, then disembark back at the Tunnel area to quickly start the next track.

Although tedious, the rewards include three strong stat Up items and either very strong recovery or synthesis materials depending on the version of the game.

Fruit locations

Track Game
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Green Serpent AP Up Elixir
Splash Tunnel Orichalcum AP Up
Jade Spiral Megalixir Dark Matter
Panic Fall Defense Up
Shadow Cavern Power Up

In Green Serpent, the first track, the first three fruits are available early on in the middle of the branch, the next three are on the right side right after a long S curve. The three after that are easily found in the middle of the branch shortly after those again. The tenth fruit is directly behind the tip of the large third branch impairing your way, at the top of a small bump. At the end take the left route to continue with Splash Tunnel.

In Splash Tunnel the first three fruits are available at the start right away, in the center of the path. The next three are easily found as well, underneath the first mini-waterfall. The next three are amidst a set of large rocks in the middle of a large cave, first placed in the middle and then leading around the left side of the largest one. Smash into or break it as the tenth fruit is located behind it on the right side of a large rock pillar. Take the left path at the end again to continue with Jade Spiral.

In Jade Spiral the first three fruits are once again available early on from the first straightaway, the next three are on the left side as you start going down the large spiraling branch, and the following three shortly after that in the center of the branch. The tenth fruit is located a little further down, again in the center. Take the right path at the end to continue with Panic Fall.

In Panic Fall the first four fruits are available in the middle early on. The other six are located after a sharp curve to the right and left, with two on the right side, and four in the center of the path. After these you can immediately take the left route in the split for the final track; Shadow Cavern.

In Shadow Cavern the first three fruits are on a narrow bridge, with the next three right afterwards in a small arc as the path bends inwards. There is a small gap directly after it, with the three fruits placed on the downwards slope following it. Do not jump here, as you will miss the fruit, and the gap can be safely slided down. The final fiftieth fruit follows shortly after.