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You're not giving up are you Neku? Give up on yourself, and you give up on the world.

Joshua to Neku

Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu is a character from The World Ends with You who makes his Kingdom Hearts debut in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


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Physical Appearance

Joshua appears the same as he did in The World Ends with You. He has medium-length ash blonde hair and dark, lavender colored eyes. He wears a white button down shirt open at the collar, dark grey pants, and white shoes with black shoelaces.


He is seen four times in the Jump Festa 2012 Trailer. He stated that Traverse Town was seemingly split into two parts. He was also talking to Riku about a world that is the same, yet different. In his third appearance in the trailer, he was asking Neku if he was giving up after he was wondering if they will go back to their original world. His fourth appearance was with Sora as he talks about how people are connected even though they are apart.


The true limit of Joshua's powers are unknown. However, he has shown the ability to traverse from the real world to the Realm of Sleep and teleport between Sora and Riku's versions of Traverse Town. He also can briefly "turn off" the existences of Players to swap them between worlds. It's mentioned in a journal entry that Joshua is responsible for creating everything from the Backstreets to the Fifth District, implying the ability to alter reality; however, he implies this only works within the Realm of Sleep, where dreams can take shape.

Joshua implies he is all-knowing. He even can fly by manifesting wings.


Joshua (Art) KH3D.png

Yoshiya Kiryu, nicknamed Joshua, is originally a main character from The World Ends With You serving as Neku's second partner on the second week.

He was participating in the Reapers Game while he is still alive, making him an illegal player. It is then later revealed that Joshua is the Composer, and he killed Neku in order for him to be his proxy in the game himself and Kitaniji were playing. Supposedly, he would destroy Shibuya if he won, but because of Neku's personality change, he believes that Shibuya can change as well.


  • "Give up on yourself, and you give up on the world," is a quote that Joshua says in The World Ends with You when he sacrifices himself to protect Neku from Sho Minamimoto.
  • Joshua says "It appears that this world is like ours, seemingly split into two parts," most likely referring to that fact that in The World Ends with You, Shibuya is divided into two parts: the Realground and the Underground.
  • The journal entry from Julius states Joshua created the new areas of Traverse Town.
    • Given the relatively cramped and limited open spaces from the original three districts, Joshua liked created the newer areas to give the Players more room to fight.
  • Joshua implies he brought some Reapers to run the game, as he mentions in passing that they are deadset on stopping Neku and the others from winning their lives back.
    • It also means he keeps Sora and Riku hidden from them with his powers, or has placed restrictions on the Reapers to not attack them. It's possible as the Nightmares seem to replace the Noise monsters from the Reapers' Game.