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Jet Balloon
Jet Balloon
Jet Balloon
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Jet Balloon
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Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji ジェットバルーン
Romaji Jetto Barūn
French Jet Balloon
German Jet Balloon
Games Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts

A Heartless that resembles the Aquatank that, rather than swimming in the ocean, swims in the air. At high speeds too! Just chasing this one by air won't do; it will fire Heartless that resemble Screwdivers called "Missile Divers", causing an intense aerial battle to start.
Note this Heartless acts quite rudely if one carries lots of Munny around and encounters this foe.
Before Rescue After
HP 240 240
Attack 27 35
Defense 21 27
MP Recovery 40 40
EXP 100 240
Weapon Fire Bliz. Thndr.
x1.0 x0.25 x0.25 x0.25
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.1 x0.15[1] x0.25 x0.25
(1) Munny x 40
Shiny Stone (20%/100%)



The Jet Balloon (ジェットバルーン Jetto Barūn?) is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

A Jet Balloon is a green variant of the Aquatank Heartless. They form a symbiotic relationship with Missile Divers, firing them to keep Sora away. Jet Balloons are found only in Neverland on the deck of Captain Hook's ship. To avoid it, fly out of the way or defend against it with Aeroga.


Jet Balloons mirror the appearance of Aquatanks, with some slight color changes. While the Aquatank boasts bright turquoise and blue colors, the jagged sections of the Jet Balloon's round, bloated body are dark, murky shades of sea-green and white, appearing stained in places.

The Jet Balloon's name is a reference to jet aircraft and engines, highlighting their speed and their ability to quickly fire their Missile Diver companions at foes. The Heartless's name is also a reference to a balloon, highlighting their round shape and their ability to float above the battlefield.


The Jet Balloon appears as a special encounter on the Deck of the pirate ship. It is accompanied by Missile Divers, which it will fire at Sora while flying swiftly around the room. If a Missile Diver hits Sora, he will drop a large amount of Munny; to avoid this, Sora should approach the Jet Balloon from below, or use Aeroga to deflect the Missile Divers. The Jet Balloon may drop multiple Dazzling Stones when slain, but be careful to catch them before they hit the water, as they will disappear if they do. To avoid this, land the finishing blow when the Jet Balloon is flying above the ship. Treasure Magnet may help gather items dropped over water, if Sora is quick about it.

Alternatively, frequent use of Stopga and Aeroga will freeze the Jet Balloon as well as the Missile Divers that come with it. Just be sure to enter the pirate ship's deck with a full MP gauge, and keep hitting it until its HP is down.



  1. x0.1 after rescue.

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