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Jellyshade is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. They always appear in gigantic swarms, and can even be found on the Lanes Between.


Jellyshades come in several different colors defining which element they are weak to, but they all share the same structure. A Jellyshade is a small Unversed with a round head with several short spikes on it. Above its head is a large, rounded cap with a short spike on its tip. All Jellyshades have the same black, heart-shaped face with red eyes set in an angry expression. Their caps all share silver highlights and an Unversed symbol on its front. The four different color variations of Jellyshades include a light brown head with a blue cap, a pink head with a cyan cap, a cyan body with a yellow-green cap, and a light orange body with an orange cap. Jellyshades are able to contort their caps to propel themselves.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Jellyshade receives a palette swap which gives them each a new color variation. One has a light pink body with a pink cap. One has a light blue body with a dark blue cap. One has a white body with a red cap. Another has a dark orange body with a green cap.


Jellyshades, while weak on their own, can be deadly and unpredictable in a swarm. They attack by randomly ramming at the player. Their HP is also very low; the easiest way to defeat a swarm is with Magnet or Aero magic. If caught in a swarm, another strategy is to use Terra's Ultima Cannon Shotlock as it can clear large groups in one blast.

When dealing with large amounts of Jellyshades, crowd-control commands like Mega Flare are useful. However, the use of channel commands, like Tornado, are discouraged, since they leave the player helpless against the swarms of unversed.


  • Ram: Charges at the player.
  • Blade Charge: Stays immobile and the top of the Jellyshade becomes saw-like, growing longer and glowing.
  • Poison Spore: Releases poison from its body, poisoning on contact.