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The Jelly Glee Tea is an Unversed found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. The player can battle it for a Stop Block or Stop Barrier Action Command. It shows resemblance to the Blobmob in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


The Jelly Glee Tea retains a shape similar to the Blobmob; it has a cap-like "head", a body with its face, and four tentacle-like protrusions. Its "neck" sinks into a round body, supporting its face. The Unversed eyes look down, surrounded by a black face. Four small, mauve stubs out of the body resemble arms and legs. At the neck, it raises to a shade of blue and explodes into a variety of color; to soft peach and then back to blue, violet again. Four "horns" protrude from its cap, varying in a color of blue and yellow. Out of the four tentacles spurting out of its cap comes a yellow horn.

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