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Invaders (侵すもの, lit. violate) is the second episode of the Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix mangas.


The next day, Kairi is walking the island, searching for Sora and complaining to herself about the amount of work left to do before they can set sail the following day. Meanwhile, Sora has flashbacks about his and Riku's secret place, and how he gave only Kairi permission to go in there as an exception to their rule. A voice rings out, "This world has been connected...", jolting Sora from his daydream. He jumps up, covering the wall drawing he had been working on and asks who the hooded figure is. The hooded figure instead goes on to describe the fate of the Destiny Islands. The conversation is interrupted by Kairi pushing him over, he quickly turns around and shoves Kairi out of the Secret Place. Later on, the trio says their goodbyes and return home.

At home, Sora rushes to pack a few unnecessary things. Looking outside, he notices how dark it is and rushes to the island to secure their raft from an incoming storm. Upon arriving at the island, he notices that Kairi and Riku's boats are already there, and rushes down the docks to find them as Shadows begin to appear behind him.

Sora quickly finds Riku and asks him where Kairi is. Riku turns around to face Sora, with a sly smile and a dead look in his eyes, darkness begins to envelope him.


  • The race Sora between and Riku is not present, their following conversation of who gets to give Kairi the paopu fruit is in part added in the first episode 's conversation between the two.
  • Sora's conversation with the Hooded Figure happens after the King's letter has been read, in opposition to the game.
  • Kairi interrupts Sora's conversation with the Hooded Figure.
  • The mushroom Sora mentions to Kairi references a small fetch quest in the prologue of the game.
  • Sora is seen packing for the trip.
  • Sora's mother does not call him down for dinner.
  • Sora and Riku do not talk about the "door" opening.


  • The chapter was originally called "Invader", but was renamed for the Final Mix edition.
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